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Best Corner Tactic ?

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Player with best jumping-heading-height combination on your team (usually one of your DCs) - attack far post

3 players who are generally useless in the box - stay back

2 - 3 players with good long shots - lurk outside area

2nd best header - attack near post

decent headers - challenge keeper

Quick decent header player (anticipation, jumping, acceleration) - attack from deep

MOST IMPORTANT - corners set to far post

You are looking for the corner to link up with your best header on the far post who ideally is marked by one player and has a clear shot at the net. all other attackers are decoys to pull defenders away. You don't want any more players in the box as they will just crowd up space.

Using this idea I have been scoring 10-15 corners per season....most of them are by the best header and usually 2-3 are scored by the player marking the keeper as he cleans up the scraps the keeper doesn't hold onto.

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