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tactics help lower league teams

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Hello ppl,

i've been playing a Belgian 3rd league team and the problem is adjusting my tactics. I'm nearly always the favourite to win the game but i can almost never win the game. Now i play a simple 4-4-2 and the only things i adjust is creativity (i put it as low as possible since my players aren't very technical) and i also play rigid(because of the low player stats; i suppose letting them stick to their place is easier for them to understand).

Now i don't really know what i am doing wrong in my matches. I often put my team on and then let the assistance pick my team to see what he would do other than me.

I hope someone can help me because it's really a lovely game but getting beaten time over time does start to get frustrating especially because you don't know what you are doing wrong.

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Here is what I would say, keep in mind I'm not fantastic at this game and there is sure to be better advice.

1) Team talks - what are you doing? It is very important to motivate your players and also to keep them from being nervous or complacent. If I had to guess without knowing anything else I would say this is your biggest problem.

2) I wouldn't recommend letting your assistant select your team with a lower level manager. The crappier managers have a tendency to ignore things like fitness and morale when selecting players, and they also likely aren't very good at evaluating your talent.

Be careful having TOO little creative freedom, I tried using incredibly sparing CF with a lower league team recently and the result was boring non-scoring football. You need to give your best couple attacking players at least a reasonable amount of CF in my opinion, otherwise you will never really get any attacking moves at all. Even if your attacking moves are of poor quality, you still need them if you want to score!

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I assume that at the top level you have had reasonable success, otherwise I would look at the tactics and the team-talks in a more general way.

For the lower leagues you have to make some adjustments indeed, some of which you have apparently made already.

I would go for a more, rigid, less creative and slower approach generally, which you seem to have done already. However be careful not to overdo it as not only your players are crap; your opposition is crap too. If your team is good relative to its opponents a more offensive approach with more creativity is absolutely justified.

More specifically I would try to get the most out of my players' talents. Usually in the lower leagues you can only afford 'one tool' guys, i.e. if you have a pacey striker that pace will probably make him stand out already and you should try to use it efficiently, for instance by assigning him the advanced forward attack role and set him as a target man with run onto ball delivery. Thus, personal instructions and the allocation of roles are more important down there than at the top level where players are more rounded and will be able to perform up to a certain level even if their role doesn't exactly match with their qualities. Best would be to subject every player to a little screen-through on the tactics screen where you can see the important attributes for each role highlighted. That should be very helpful to see what your players can do best. If after that you figure that your team is not perfectly balanced between offense and defense then you also know what kind of transfers you should look for.

hth :)

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