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What is "used capacity" in the editor?


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I think the stadium's current capacity should be entered here IF you have entered a number into the "expansion capacity" field. i'm not sure but i believe that "expansion capacity" tells the game how much bigger the stadium can get and "used capacity" tells it how big it is already. I don't know why the game can't just use the "capacity" value to know how big a stadium is, though

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The used capacity is how much of the stadium is used for games.

For instance, in the MLS, a lot of teams use American football stadiums, which are upwards of 50,000 capacities. Of course, most MLS teams don't even get half that, so the top tier of the stadium is closed off to supporters, and makes for cheaper maintainence.

Another use was back when East Stirlingshire had their own stadium, it could actually hold around 3,000 people, but the larger terrace had been condemned due to it crumbling and being unsafe to stand on, so the stadium had a used capacity of 1,000.

In game, this can affect how much stadium expansion costs, because if for instance, in the East Stirlingshire example, you got a stadium upgrade, they could save money by repairing the condemned stand, rather than having to build from scratch. Of course, in reality, that would be impossible, since the stand was beyond repair, but I'm just saying how the game would take it into account.

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