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Argentine League Fitness Problems

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Argh! At the end of my first season my Boca squads fitness has taken a massive nosedive and it's threatening to ruin an almost perfect season. Everything was fine until it switched to the 2nd season on the 1st July (with cup matches still to finish), but now all of a sudden it's like my team are all on holiday or something because once they play in a game they fail to recover from it. There is no 'Hol' status for any player and I can't see anything in Training that might explain this. Is this some kind of bug? I've just lost 2 games in a row because I can't field a team with players over 70% fitness, losing 3-2 at home to Cruz Azul in the Copa Libertadores Semi Final 2nd Leg and 3-2 away to Estudiantes in the Recopa Final 2nd Leg. Luckily I led both fixtures in the first leg, meaning I've scraped to victory in the Recopa and I'm now in the Copa Libertadores Final against Cruzeiro, but I'm probably going to get destroyed over 2 legs against them because of this fitness problem.

I'm sure I can't be the first person to experience such an issue, I've only just started playing in Argentina and never experienced this in any other league I've played. Please help me save my season before it's too late :(

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