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The Butterfly Effect


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The Notes: This story has been many months in the making. I've always been interested in the concept of this kind of story since I watched "The Butterfly Effect" film. Whilst it's not the easiest thing in the world to implement into a story about FM, I have done my best. It took a lot of planning and really confused me at first, but I've got a reasonable plot in mind now. I'm using FM10 that's fully patched in case anybody is wondering. If you haven't seen said film or read something about it, you will probably be a bit confused at the concept. But since the plot and storyline is not rushed, you will not have to understand the concept at first as it is not until later in the story that it will come into play. I hope you enjoy it.

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7.30pm - Friday, 2nd July, 2010 - The Beach

"Let's go over and talk to them, we probably look like complete anti-social bastards"

"Maybe in a bit, I'm good here mate"

Alex was being his usual self. He was refusing to leave the beach to walk over to the crowd gathered on the grass. I didn’t know many of the girls or guys over there, the majority being a few years older than us. They were not part of our usual crowd, but Alex’s older and eighteen year old sister had invited us down to the beach to mingle with her friends and whoever else turned up. I didn’t usually go out with Alex because outside of playing football he didn’t really do anything, but it was the summer and we had left school, I had managed to convince him to come out that night. I’d failed to convince anyone else to come out, the others were either on holiday or had better things to do, a few even telling me there was no point in going because “it will be crap anyway”. To be fair to them the night had been crap so far, we’d just stood on the beach either throwing stones into the sea or just talking amongst ourselves. The others there had noticed that we were there but weren’t really showing that much interest in us, not to my knowledge anyway. I just assumed Alex’s sister had told everyone that it was her weird sixteen year old little brother and his friend.

“Get away from me…I’ll jump…I will…I will”

Despite sounding like she was about to commit suicide, the drunken girl who uttered those words was actually only about to jump off the wall onto the beach, which was a mere five foot drop. I didn’t recognize the drunken girl, but I semi recognized the two girls that were trying to convince her to get down. I didn’t know their names but I knew their faces from sub-consciously noticing them as you do quite a few people in your school. You see them pretty much every day for a few years, passing in the corridors, that kind of thing. Some you never speak to. Some you never will. But I was about to speak to these two girls for the very first time and if I was lucky, not for the last.

“She looks a bit ****ed”

I was sarcastic in my approach, I could have just said hi or hello to the strangers, but that wasn’t really my style. It was too easy, too boring and too forgettable.

“Yeah you’re telling me! She’s such a lightweight!”

It was a decent response I suppose, the girl didn’t seem too disinterested in what I had said but her tone of voice was one of slight anger, she seemed very annoyed with her “lightweight” friend who she seemed to be babysitting. The other girl with her hadn’t said anything yet, she didn’t look as annoyed as her friend but still looked less than impressed with having to try to convince the girl not to jump off the wall.

“I’m Paul”

I decided to take this opportunity to casually introduce myself to the girls hoping they would take notice. I looked around quickly to see where Alex was and what he was doing. He’d walked back to the sea and was throwing stones into the waves, attempting to skim the stones but failing at doing it as always. I looked back over my shoulder quickly, just as the girl was about to speak to me for the second time.

“I’m Chloe…and this is Violet”

I now knew both of their names. It was nice that I could now put names to faces. Chloe was clearly the more vocal and outgoing one of the two, well at least that's what I assumed. She was fairly good looking, she had medium length brown hair and dark brown eyes, but seemed a bit too hands on in her approach. A bit too punky for me, at least that's what I gathered from her appearance and the way she was dressed. Violet on the other hand, well she wasn't good looking at all. No...good looking was definitely not the right word to describe her, it didn't do her justice at all. She wouldn't be described as sexy, but she was ridiculously pretty. She didn't have loads of leg on show or cleavage that would get guys interested, but just looking into her eyes made me feel more emotion than every set of boobs I'd ever seen. I considered introducing Alex to them but then thought better of it, he could introduce himself if he was that bothered about actually talking to them.

“And that’s…”

Chloe was about to introduce her drunk friend but I decided to interrupt her.

"Your drunken friend who is about to jump off the...oh dear that looked quite painful"

I'd interrupted her just as the drunk girl jumped off almost as if she was diving into a swimming wall. It wasn't a very high drop and it was only onto sand, but this is English sand we're talking about, definitely not your typical luxury foreign sand. There were more than a few stones on that beach, not enough to make every step a painful experience, but you wouldn't want to be falling face first into it in a hurry. I didn't show much concern for the drunk girl and laughed along with her two friends who found it quite funny as well. I heard a slight chuckle in the distance, which meant that Alex had saw the girl fall onto the sand as well. The drunk girl soon pulled her face up and spat out some of the sound that had found its way into her mouth.

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