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What is the total value of your 1st Eleven?

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Just wanna see what people are working with. So it'd be good if you can mention your level of success with that 11 too, and any other bits of interesting stuff. :thup:

Mine (I'm in 2034, they're all regens):

GK - Jim Breeze - £27.5M. 21 year old goalie with 20 caps already. Best goalie in the world, pinched him from Liverpool a few seasons ago for a pitiful £1.5. Didn't know he'd be so good so young.

RB - Dave Griffin - £31M. 28 year old RB, 84 caps. Signed him a season an a half ago from my old Liverpool team, he had a year on his contract and I got him for £20m, which is a bloody steal.

LB - Charlie Collis - £14.75M. 21 year old LB, no senior caps, 38 youth ones. Signed him for 3.8 mil 2 and a half seasons ago, don't know why he was so cheap. Dead ball specialist.

CB - Steve Boateng - £4.4M. 19 YO CB, came through the youth setup, already world class.

CB - Ben Bowden - £11.75m -25 YO CB, signed for a pittance 3 and a half seasons ago, has become first choice. Could easily play as a DM. Shame he's ginger.

DM - Marcus - £33.5m - DM/CM/AM, 22 YO, signed for 30m two and a half seasons ago. Doesn't get spectacular ratings, but great player. Noticed him when briefly Brazil manager.

DM - Luca Rapisarda £18.75m, 26 YO DM, signed for 11.75m when I joined the club 3 and a half seasons ago. One of the few foreign signings I made that survived my cull of non English players. And I think his surname is awesome.

AMC - Paul Withe - £28m, 30 YO AMC/ST, signed for 29 mil 2 seasons ago. Was one of my favourite players at liverpool. Like Griffin, contract was running out. Great performer, though might be 2nd choice next season, there's a few top AMC's on my bench coming through.

AMC - Dale Forde - £34m 26 YO AMC/ST, signed for 35m two seasons ago. I'd originally let him leave my Liverpool team for 250k ten years ago, believing he wouldn't make it. I was wrong.

AMC - Steve Smith - £35.5m, 18 YO AMC/L/R ST. Pinched him off Liverpool for 2.5 mil. Best player I have. There are players with better mental and technical stats, but he has 20 pace, 19 accel and 20 flair, with otherwise very good stats elsewhere. Has already made 89 appearances for me.

ST - Stephane Rennucci - £36m, 23 YO Striker, signed for 11.5m when I joined the club. In his first half season got 20 goals in 26 appearances. Has got over 100 goals in all comps since joining.

Total = £275.15m. While the team cost a comparatively small £146.65m to acquire.

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Here is my First Squad with my first choice players in position:


As you can see the starting eleven are worth £145Million, far less than your squad. They are triple Premiership winners and last season won every competition apart from the Champions League where they lost on away goals in the semi final. They were also only beaten once all season, a 1-0 loss in the champions league.

They cost me a combined total of 94M, but a whopping £55M of that was spent on my 3 strikers.

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Grimsby Town Premier League 2013/2014

All Prices $AUD

GK Alexis Thebaux $2.5M Cost - Free

DR Clement Jouve $2.5M Cost - Free

DL Eric Cassin $750K Cost - 90K

DC Prince Oniangue $4.3M Cost - Free

DC Sean St. Ledger $7M Cost - Free

MC Stefan Gislason $1.3M Cost - Free

MC Michael Schneiderlin $7M Cost - Free

MC Oumar N'Diaye $3.2M Cost - Free

AMC Abdelazziz Barrada $4.7M Cost - Free

ST Didier Drogba $950K Cost - Free

ST Silviu Stancu $6.75M Cost $1.6M



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