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Top player prices


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I've come into a bit of money recently, and can realisticly buy most top players, but i can't seem to get em for any decent prices!

e.g. fabrebas - 60 mil (75 plus add ons)

Kaka - 80 mil

Vucinic - 55 mil

Anyone know how to get the prices down, or how much they should cost because it's all too unrealistic tbh.


Oh it's end of season 1, vucinic finished top scorer in serie A with - 25 in 36

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players of that caliber rarely ever move from top sides, so it's not unrealistic especially when you look at how the market has been these last few seasons. Something better to do would be to try and lure top players from less reputed leagues and clubs, or to look for players who do not have a long contract left, or players that are unsettled.

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