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Too Many Long Range Shots - Assistant Manager Analysis

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The problem in my game is that we are being restricted to too many long range shots. Im not sure how to fix this. Should I take all midfielders long range shots to Rarely? The assistant manager constantly says this in analysis and iv noticed it throughout my game. Any help would be much appreciated.

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It could be due to a few different things;

-The players lack options in the final phases of attack, and end up shooting because there are no good passing options.

This could be due to the positioning and mentality of your players, too many or too few players might be making Forward Runs, or the players' passing preference might be set too short, so that the players with the ball never choose the available options because they're too far away.

-The players have player preferred moves and/or Long Shots-settings (mixed or often) that make them shoot a lot from distance.

-The players might have too high creative freedom (Not 100% sure if this actually affects long shot frequency). This can cause players to make more difficult/extravagant choices, and I imagine this can make players decide to shoot more often.

-Your team settings might force an attacking move to come to a finish before a good opportunity arises. Again, I'm not 100% sure about this, hopefully someone else can enlighten you further, but I think Time Wasting is important here. If you have Time Wasting close to zero, the players will be more eager to finish on goal, which might lead to bad decisions (or low percentage shots at least). This could also be affected by Mentality (too attacking) or Tempo (too quick), probably the latter in particular, as mentality is said to just affect positioning and passing risk.

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