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Ref waving injured player back on.

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I had a quick look and could not find a thread on this but surely I am not the only 1 that has noticed this fault in the game.

3 time's now there has been an opposing player off the field behind my goal receiving treatment for an injury,now has the highlight rolls on either my player passes back to the keeper or 1 of there players kicks the ball up field,

The player that was injured behind my goal then runs back on the pitch to pick the ball up,twice I got lucky and 1 of my defender's got back in time but 1 time he scored.

There is no way that a referee would wave a player back onto the pitch with such an advantage,I do laugh when I see it as I just imagine how the real life manager's such as Fergie would react.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?as like I said I find it hard to believe it is just me.

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