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Which game should I start of the following...

Which new game?  

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  1. 1. Which new game?

    • Arsenal (youngsters)
    • AC Milan (old players)

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Start with Arsenal and only buy players who are younger then 19.

Start with AC Milan, sell all players who are 29 or younger and only buy players who are 30 years or older.

I play a lot of games with youngsters, like to develop players. So i've been there, if I would play the Arsenal game.

The AC Milan game should also be quite fun, i've never bought older players...

What game would be harder? (considering player for the prices)

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I would say Arsenal, because you already have good young players and therefore wont really need to spend much in the transfer market.

Why do people always suggest the easier route ? I'd say the AC Milan over 30's will definitely be more of a challenge and you'll get more satisfaction of doing well. Arsenal is the easier option as if your buying players under 19 you can still play your current team do well and get the best of the future talent.

Of course it's how you play the game but I always give different sort of views on things. Some people start with the best team in the game and win everything and think that they've achieved everything.

In my opinion if you are the person who likes to take on the glory go for arsenal. If you want a better challenge go for milan. If you haven't already I say try the lower leagues. That's where i've had most fun and got up quite a few leagues as well :D

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theyll be both hard challeneges cos most of the arsenal youngsters arent ready yet. with ac milan you will have to find good old players who are good enough for your team and with ac milan you will be constantly having to buy new players which means players will have to gel more. i would say Ac milan as more of a challenge.

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