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An Outspoken Journey Into Management


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Hi Guys

This is my first attempt at writing an FM Story. I have read a few on here and really enjoyed them and thought they have brought FM to life and so I have given it a go.

I have only written an introduction into Andrew Walker the "player" at the moment. I have loaded England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, France and also Brazil and Argentina have been loaded but are not playable. I wil be starting with Professional Footballer background but unemployed.

Please let me know what you think so far.



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Walker Retires In Shame…….

Andrew Walker retired from professional football here in Barcelona last night amid shameful scenes. The often outspoken 34 year old, who has been at the heart of FC Barcelona’s midfield for the past 8 years, was playing in his final game for the Spanish and European Champions before once again being given his marching orders.

In what was being billed as Walker’s farewell to the Camp Nou faithful he holds in such high regard, Barcelona dominated the match against FC Xerez and the result was never really in question, however Walker’s temperament was. As seen on many occasions, Walker’s inability to control his anger led to him being shown his 17th red card of a brilliant but sometimes controversial career with 16 minutes to go.

A stray pass from Barcelona captain Carlos Puyol led to a crunching coming together between Walker’s close friend and team-mate Yaya Toure and Xerez’s Vicente Moreno, the chaotic scenes that followed can only be described as shameful. Walker, clearly forgetting the personal enormity of the fixture and not to mention the fact that his side had won the La Liga title 3 games previous to this one to deem the tie futile, proceeded to berate Moreno whilst the Xerez midfielder was laying injured on the turf. Moreno responded to Walker’s outburst but the Englishman then seemed to take offence to something Moreno said and astonishingly launched a vicious knee to the Xerez player’s head.

Catalan vice captain Xavi then dragged Walker away from the incident and could be seen screaming at him to calm down and walk away. And walk away he did as referee Alberto Undiano quite rightly brandished the round red card in Walkers equally red face.

This seemed to bring Walker to his senses and although the Catalan supporters gave him a huge standing ovation, he was inconsolable upon leaving the field and walking down that famous tunnel for the last time.

Barcelona went on to win the match 3-1, with the first goal being a trademark free-kick from Walker, however that strike was overshadowed by his actions in the 74th minute of the game.

The game will be remembered the same way as most people will remember Walker’s career – Sublime and brilliant in places but always had the ability to get ugly.

Sky Sport News Interview With Andrew Walker

Andy Burton (AB): Andrew, you were given your marching orders today following a pretty serious altercation with Xerez’s Vicente Moreno in what was your last game as a professional footballer. Can you give us an indication as to what happened out there today?

Andrew Walker (AW): Something was said regarding a team-mate of mine which was totally out of order and it made me extremely angry. Having said that, violence is not something I condone in any walks of life and I would like to apologise to my team-mates and also to the amazing Barca fans for my actions.

AB: You mentioned that something was said in the build up to this incident, can you give us an indication as to what that was?

AW: I am not going to repeat the comment, it would be completely inappropriate for anyone to use that comment.

AB: Can we safely assume that it was Vicente Moreno that made this comment?

AW: I’m not going to discuss this any further, the culprit knows what he said and in my opinion he should be ashamed. All I ask is that my team-mates and the fans forgive me…

AB: Judging by the standing ovation you received when departing the field today, I would say that the fans have forgiven you already?

AW: I sincerely hope so as the fans here are among the best in the world and have made my 8 years here unforgettable, I am going to miss them.

AB: I think they are certainly going to miss you, especially as it will have come to quite a shock to most people to hear that you are retiring, particularly in light of the stories emerging that Barcelona offered you a lucrative 1 year extension to your current deal. Do you not think you could have carried on playing for one more year?

AW: I definitely think I could have played for another year at least, but whilst working with Pep I can see that management would be a challenging experience for me. I felt this was the right time to close the chapter on my playing career and begin a new career in management.

AB: Indeed, we have seen various comments from your manager Pep Guardiola over the last 12 months tipping you to become a very good manager in the future. How has he influenced your decision to retire from playing football and take up management?

AW: Pep has been fantastic to me both on and off the pitch. I went to him at the beginning of this year and had an honest and frank conversation with him. He helped to weigh up the pro’s and cons and gave me some good advice. I talked things over with my family and I decided that this would be a good time to hang up my boots.

AB: So, you are now looking for a club to take a chance on you. Have you any preferences as to which country you would like to begin your managerial career?

AW: Well, I don’t think I’m in a position to be fussy, obviously Spain has been my home for the last 8 years and I have fallen in love with this place….. But I’m still an English boy at heart and I still own a house in Manchester from my time at Man City.

AB: Well, I’m sure most people will agree that the Camp Nou will be a much quieter place with you gone. I for one hope it isn’t too long before we see you back in football.

AW: Thank you.

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