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just a quickie!

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i'm joining you guys late on in the game, but i'm installing fm 10 for the first time now.

i'm concerned about the steam installation. once installl, do i have to be online in order to play the game at all times?

the reason i ask, is because i'll often be in places with no chance of getting an internet conection. and don't fancy the alternative option of having to keep the disc in my laptop all the time as i play the game.

i would appreciate a quick reesponse as i'm waiting to install the game and can't wait to start doing so :)

thank you in advance for any helpfulness.

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You dont need to be online with steam for FM to work or save games etc...

Ive ran it before in offline mode for days (when my router was up the creek without a paddle) without having any problem saving the game etc...

The only features you wont get if you are offline is if you are trying to actualy play an online game of FM.

When you disconnect from the net and start Steam then it will say that it cant get a connection but it will give you an option you restart it in offline mode, itll then restart and you will be able to play in under a minute.

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