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When do we get a FM11 Annoucement

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I think the last post of this thread may run along the lines of...

"We won't say anything until we are ready, until then try to be patient until that time comes"

Then in capital letters "thread closed"

You know what will come next :D Why do people like you ask every year! It will be out before the end of the year :D Until then enjoy the game that your playing at the moment whether that be fm10 or an even older one :D It's no good keep asking for the next game if you are just going to do the same next year when you could still be playing fm11 ;) Seriously fm11 will be a new game but it's going to have a few new features and a database update. It's going to have the same kind of fun factor with maybe a bit extra than fm10. So just carry on with fm10 and if there's an announcement you can get exited but until then enjoy what you have at the moment !

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