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El Ricardo's FIFA World Football League (v2.1)


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Now here's the topic for the new version of El Ricardo update.

The new version will have:

  • All Leagues playable (Done)
  • U18 Team fixes (Done)
  • Minor U21 Team fixes (Done)
  • Minor change in the Teams: Some changes because 2 nations were "deleted" (Done)
  • U18 Competitions with promotions/relegations (Done)
  • U21 Competitions with promotions/relegations (Done)

Status on the Project:


Download: (Beta 1)




This Version (Beta 1) is crashing in my PC. Any feedback would be appreciated.

If the update was working properly you would need to select the 3 files of the update to have the 3 leagues available.

Just to clarify, the method used in this attempt was already successful applied to an other update: (more details here.)

The details for the original work are above. (Direct link here)

Now then, chaps!

Carrying on from the previous incarnation...

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally finished off what I find to be the acceptable 'finished' work for version 2.0. I say finished in inverted commas because there is a still a lot I want to do with regards to team detail in the lower divisions and home grown player fixture rules. This would take me until about March to complete however, and I wanted to give you a decent update in the mean time.

So what's changed since the last version?

  • NEW TEAMS AND NATIONS! Teams from Bhutan, French Guiana, Northern Mariana Islands, St Martin, Zanzibar, Reunion, Mayotte, Tuvalu and US Virgin Islands added. These countries were missed out from the first version. AZ Alkmaar have also been added as a fifth representative for Holland.
  • LEAGUE RESTRUCTURE! With ten new teams entering the pyramid, I restructured the leagues a bit. Basically, the Gold, Silver and Bronze leagues all have 16 teams within them. Every other league is now containing 22 teams. This conveniently also allows 64 teams to enter the Diamond League group stage.
  • REAL JAPANESE PLAYERS! I started this version from the base of the Japanese DB made by Japanese Fans. Consequently, the Japanese clubs in the league pyramid all have their real players!
  • COMPLETE RESERVE AND YOUTH TEAM OVERHAUL! This was the most painstaking part of the editing process - but worth it in the end. I wanted to incorporate the B teams from Spain and Mexico etc. in to an incorporated reserve and youth system within the FIFA format. Completion of this has also allowed me to make every club set as its original nation, without losing ability to field second or third teams in a super league. These leagues are the 'FIFA World U21 Development League' and 'FIFA World U18 Development League'. The U21 leagues act both as both an U21 and reserve team competition. While primarily for U21 players, spaces are allocated within the league rules for fringe players who you wish to play within the team. The U18 leagues are strictly for U18s only, however. Although these leagues have been worked in to the pyramid, there it no promotion or relegation from either - so they act as standalone leagues.
  • FIXED MISSING B TEAM PLAYERS! One of the biggest disappointments from the previous version was the inadvertent deletion of many players from the B teams of various clubs. This has been rectified! The home grown rule has also been got rid of. Instead, you'll require at least eight U23 players in your squad of 30 players each season.
  • NO MORE FIXTURE CLASHES! I've reset the cup rounds - so far I haven't had any problems. Hopefully your star players won't be away on international duty when you have an important cup tie!
  • GRAPHICS! With thanks to kremmen, with this zip file you will have the option of using competition logos for the leagues, background logos and a 'FIFA flag' to replace the default Wallis & Futuna abomination.
  • NEW VERSION - TWO CHOICES! In this pack, you'll have the choice of either the 'All Clubs FIFA' version, or the 'All Clubs Respective Nation'. Each have their pros and cons - more detail is within the readme included.

So there you have it - download and enjoy! The latest league composition is below. As always, please let me know of any problems you may be facing with the database.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOAD THE DEFAULT DATABASE WHEN STARTING A NEW GAME! I'm unsure of what effect the latest update given with the patch might do to a data edit started from the default, so it's best not to risk it!

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Ok, i have been trying to test the update but for some reason i'm getting an "R6025 - Pure virtual function call" when trying to load any of the extra files (for U21 or U18, Main file works fine). Anyone had one before? Anyone knows why it appear? My last update used the same system and didn't get this problem... :(

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Well i've been trying to identify the problem for the update U18/U23 part not working and i still can't identify the problem. I have one or two suspects for why the update is not working but if that's the case there's not much i can do. I'll post what i've done for others to try and identify the problem.

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