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How to stop players from playing in the reserves?

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This was a hard one making up a title for, but I hope it makes sense.

I had three equal young attacking midfielders in my reserve team, and two of them were complaining that the competition was to hard for them (w ankers), so I put them on the transfer list and got them sold.

Now the problem is that the two transfers won't take place until january (six months away in the game) so I still have them in my team until then, but I don't want them to play in the reserves and take valuable match training from the midfielder I kept.

How can I stop them from playing in the reserve games although I keep them in the reserve team?


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when you sell somebody through the season and have to wait for him to go to his new club, I want him not just to stop playing but not to train also so that when he leave he'll be even worse player for couple of months.

So make new training schedule.

in the new schedule make it in such way that there is no training at all. everything to zero. and move everybody already sold in it. in that way they lose some of their skills, depends on the time not training.

Also move them in the first squad just to be sure they won't play in reserves or youths.

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