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Feedback On A Classic 41212 'Diamond'

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Hi Folks,

Currently running with a 41212 with a central diamond. Much like the version of Valeriy Lobanovskyi at Dynamo Kyiv.

Have my defensive unit sound with two central defenders, two bombing fullbacks and a defensive midfield anchor man.

The old style diamond is working fine, I like the anchor man two central midfielders and an advanced attacking midfielder.

My question is more to do with the front two. I have a tendancy to pair a complete forward with a trequartista in many of my formations. Do you think the attacking midfielder mixed with the trequartista will provide too much onus on the hole between defense and midfield? Or should I go for a more advanced front two? Or to counter would the trequartista and attacking midfielder give much more cover and potential width to my diamond?

Obviously I change around dependant on opposition, weather, suspensions, injuries, home/away, etc. Just looking for feedback more on the theory and application in the bulk of my league matches.


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