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Sorry, but again, Georgie Welcome and The Honduras

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After my earlier question on why I could not even find Georgie Welcome, never mind buy, I recieved one asnwer about not loading all Honduran players.

I started a new game, went to load the Honduran League, and it was not there.

So how do I get Welcome to be welcomed into my game?

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The Honduran league isn't in the game. If you want it you can create it yourself via the editor as nobody else has created and uploaded it yet, as far as I'm aware.

If it's just about the players you can retain all players from Honduras via the option the others have pointed you to. It's in the bottom right of the screen when setting up a game before creation.

edit: but on your posting method; there was no need to create a new thread for this and also the use of the red exclamation mark leads people to assume that your thread must be about something with a (in all fairness) higher importance than this. We should adhere to the netiquette and be careful in using it as otherwise the really important or pressing issues may be less identifiable. Cheers :)

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