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Q re: Homegrown status and Start of season

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I'm trying to sign a foreign player that has just turned 18 in the summer. According to real life rules he can still eventually qualify for homegrown status if he spends the next three full seasons with English clubs.

Is this how the rule is implemented in FM10?

The next question regards the FULL season part of that condition.

When does the season begin?

This is an issue because the player was on course to sign before the end of July, however I had to appeal his work permit - which I was informed would be decided on 7th August. That delay could be very significant - I'm sure in real life it would be resolved: either by an express decision being made, or the football autorities recognising it as the player is effectively at the club already.

However in FM10 this flexibility doesn't exist.

So when is the start of the season (Premier League)?

Is it 1st August when we submit our player numbers?

Is it 9th August when the Community Shield is played?

Is it 15th August when the first Premier League matches are played?

Is my player now doomed to forever be a foreigner?

And do I need to reload an earlier save and pray I can sign him again? ;)

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