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Trouble Job Hunting

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After getting the sack from Portsmouth in the Championship I managed to get a job managing the Ivory Coast national team. (getting bored won every game in Africa so far)

I am looking to get back into club management. I keep looking for jobs and at teams with managers with positions that are insecure.

I tell a club that I am interested in becoming their manager and I get the reply that I am favourite to take over when the manager leaves. A few days later they sack their manager, I apply for the job and I am unsuccessful. This has happened 5 or 6 times.

If I am favourite for the job why am I always unsuccessful?

I have noticed that as soon as the job becomes available the teams offer a contract to another manager, before I get a chance to apply for the vacant post.

Ideally I would like a club job and to stay on at the Ivory Coast.

Any help would be appreciated

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I was going to say it's probably due to you currently being in contract somewhere else .....

I know Reputation affects your chance of being hired, and managing a national team usually pushes your Rep way up.

Either your rep is too high, and the clubs think they can't afford/interest you, or it's because you already have a contract.

Save the game, quit your Ivory Coast job and apply for a club job

If your hired without any probs, then the National Team contract is causing it.

Then decide where to carry on from, reload the IC job or just continue your new club job.

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Do I need to quit the Ivory Coast job to get a new club job?

You definitely shouldn't have to, but knowing about the other thread in the bugs forum you may have to.

You could try and save your game before doing and then see if you then get jobs which you didn't while still being at Ivory Coast as well.

It would still be a bug (which strangely seems to affect only few people) but then at least you would have an option for a workaround.

Of course, if you aren't fully patched yet, then this should be done and tried first.

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