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Not sure if im in the correct area..so FM09

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I've only recently become hooked back on FM09...i remembered the whole editor thing but i haven't really used it before. I've been on edited my players teams etc. Im a Walsall fan so i've put us in the Bluue Square South and edited my finances down so its even harder. Ive edited everything i need. BUT when i go on new game and choose my edited database, i cant manage walsall, infact 'England' isn't on the list of countries i can manage in. I've checked everything over and over to see if i've put us in correct leagues and saved properly and i have.

So any help? Im absolutely desperate to play, but i've got no idea how to actually manage WFC in the blue square south now as it wont let me..

:) :)

Sorry if im in the wrong place.

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