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Melting Pot team: How many nationalites are represented in your team?

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I have 9 different nationalities in my Roma starting 11. Anyone else have more than that?

I have

Brazil: Doni, Juan

Italy: De Rossi, Motta

Montenegro: Vucinic

Belguim: Hazard

Belarus: Hleb

Spain: Momo

Chile: Pizarro

Norway: Riise

Uruguay: Godin

plus on my bench:

Iran: Andranik

Portugal: Pedro Mendes, Helder Postiga

France: Soler

This wasn't intentional at all it just happened to happen.

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why on earth would you have hleb in your starting 11?

I had 10 in my wolves starting side and another 3 on the usual bench when I started to get bored. Was all regens in 2037.

Di Guiseppe and Costanzo- Italy

Diaz - Uraguay

Mendez - Mexico

Meher - France

Dini - Argentina

Celinho - Brazil

Zolner - Germany

Alejandro - Spain

Van Bouwmans - Netherlands

Goddard - English

Bench was:

Castanada - Guatemala

Govendarica - Serbia

Pauletta - Portugal

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Well my starting Eleven in Portugal also has 9 nationalities

Serbia: Lukic & Babic

Brazil: Danilo & Cearense

Netherlands: Evers

Turkey: Yildiz

Czech Rep: Sima

Spain: Benitiz

Mexico: Banos

Argentina: Almiron

USA: Britton

And then on the Bench I have added a few more.

Spain have 2, Turkey, Argentina & Brazil feature as well as the below.

Belgium & Italy. For a total of eleven over my top squad.

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Grimsby: Premier League 2014

France: Alexis Thebaux,

Turkey: Fatih Koc

Ireland: Eric Cassin

Congo: Prince Oniangue

Romania: Gabriel Tamas, Silviu Stancu

Sweden: Pontus Wernbloom

Iceland: Stefan Gislason

Luxembourg: Christophe Pazos

Morocco: Abdelazziz Barrada

Ivory Coast: Didier Drogba

I feel it necessary to point out that there are Englishmen... on my subs bench

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well, managing Galatasaray in the Turkish League I can only have 6 foreigners in the line-up and 2 on the bench

my most recent squad had 5 Turkish Players, 2 Argentineans, a Frenchman, an Italian, a Czech and a Brazilian in my starting 11

my bench has 5 Turkish Players, a Croatian and an Ivorian

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I have a Celtic save (3 seasons in) with about 90% of the players being Scottish. The others are from home nations as well.

It's what I to do get my Celtic fix these days, since we started signing some weird random players in real life and it's slowly ****ing me off.

But normally, even when I don't do things like that on purpose, I end up with a fairly homogeneous squad. Can't remember the last time I signed a Non-EU player to be honest. Has a lot to do with my habit of pushing one or two players from the youth setup into the first team each season as well.

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I have 20 different nationalities in my team. By nation, I have (American club, btw):

Argentina: 2

Australia: 2

Brazil: 2

Costa Rica: 1

England: 5

Spain: 1

France: 3

Iran: 1

Japan: 1

South Korea: 2

Saudi Arabia: 1

Mexico: 7

Netherlands: 1

Panama: 1

Scotland: 1

Serbia: 1

Turkey: 5

Ukraine: 1

Uruguay: 1

United States: 19

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In my starting 11 for my FA cup match: West Ham vs Fleetwood I have: 7 nationalities plus 4 more on the bence.. plus 3 other regular first teams out injured

English: 9

Czech: 2

Dutch: 2

American: 1

Italian: 1

Turkish: 1

Mexican: 1

Brazilian: 1

Australian: 1

Portuguese: 1

Israeli: 1

Russian: 1

Slovakian: 1

Bosnian: 1

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4 nationalities reperesented in my starting 11, FC United, Premiership, 2016-17:

England: 8

France: 1

Italy: 1

Scotland: 1

Of those, only two AREN'T homegrown (country)


England: 4

France: 1

RoI: 1

Mexico: 1 ( - is only one of two non-European players at the whole club, other is an English born Nigerian who I'm releasing anyway)

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I'm playing as Rangers, currently up to October 2012 (having taken charge in December 2011).

There are 34 players in my squad overall...

15 are Scottish

2 are Argentinian

2 are Brazilian

2 are English

2 are Italian

2 are Northern Irish

1 is Belgian

1 is Bulgarian

1.is Czech

1 is Spanish

1 is Icelandic

1 is Libyan (was French with dual nationality, Libyan became his primary nationality when he started playing U21 internationals)

1 is Slovenian

1 is Tunisian and

1 is American

Of those, my favoured starting XI would consist of...8 Scots, 1 Belgian, 1 N. Irish and 1 Italian

Nationality doesn't really concern me too much, but I realise that I do have a slight tendency to favour signing players of my team's nation (in this case Scottish), then players who speak the native tongue, then players who are foreign and won't understand their potential teammates. If they're very young then the language thing doesn't quite bother me so much, but I still favour bringing up talent belonging to that nation where possible just through personal preference. I've got 6 players currently in the U19 squad at Rangers. 3 of the 6 are Scottish, and 2 of the 6 came up from Rangers' own academy. While one of those 3 Scots is unlikely to have a future at the club, the other two are getting semi-regular first team appearances for the experience, and I've got Tottenham poking their noses in trying to offer £850k for one of those two (who I'm not selling)

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I'm with Atletico Madrid, 2017.

The ones I use are:

5 Spaniards (1 starter, keeper. The rest are CB, DMC, AMC, RB)

4 Brazilians (1 starter, LB. The rest are keeper, keeper, DMC.)

3 Argentinians (1 starter, ST. The rest are LW, DMC.)

2 Englishmen (2 starters, RB, LW)

2 Frenchmen (2 starters, CB, AMC)

2 Dutchmen (1 starter, CB)

1 Ghanaian (CB)

1 Italian (DMC)

1 Malian (1 starter, ST)

1 Paraguayan (ST)

1 Portugese (1 starter, DMC)

1 American (1 starter, RW)

1 Croatian (ST)

1 Andorran (RW, LW, AMC. My super sub.)

Domestic Player Bias: 8. :(

However, the Englishmen, the Andorran, the Croatian, 2 of the Brazilians (soon 3), the Ghanaian, the Italian, one of the Argentinians, and both Dutchmen are all home grown, in addition to the Spaniards. The average age of the squad is 23, but they've managed to win every trophy possible. :cool:

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Ajax, start of the '16/'17 season:

1st choice (starting position):

3 Belgians (MC, AMC, ST)

2 Mexicans (DC, ML)

2 Brazilians (GK, WBR)

2 Frenchmen (DL, ST)

1 Dutchman (DMC)

1 Scot (DC)

Bench (wherever they can play in my formation):

1 Dutchman (D/ML)

1 Bulgarian (DC/DMC/MC)

1 Brazillian (ST)

1 Belgian (MC/AMC)

1 Japanese (ST)

1 Mexican (DMC/MC)

1 Croatian (WBR)

Other 1st teamers (ditto):

1 Dutchman (GK)

1 Portuguese (DC)

1 Paraguayan (DC/DMC/MC)

1 Pole (MC)

1 Argentine (DRLC)

So 13 nationailites in my 1st team. My domestic player bias is pretty low.... :p

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My 4-3-1-2 with Kalmar:

Norway * - Nigeria (Abiola Dauda)

Argentina (Diego Buonanotte)

Italy (Marco Verratti) - Romania (Mihai Onicas) - Sweden (Tobias Eriksson)

USA * - Finland (Paulus Arajuuri) - Holland * - England (Adam Smith)

Honduras *

* is regen

So, 11 nations :)

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My starting 11 (Liverpool):

Pepe Reina (Spain)

Glen Johnson (England)

Mark Reynolds (Scotland)

Daniel Agger (Denmark)

Jamie Carragher (England)

Javier Mascherano (Argentina)

Steven Gerrard (England)

Alberto Aquilani (Italy)

Marek Hamsik (Slovakia)

Fernando Torres (Spain)

Mirko Vucinic (Montenegro)

Eight different in the starting XI

The bench:

Xandré (regen) (Denmark)

Tomas Necid (Czech Republic)

Maxi Rodriguez (Argentina)

Fabio Aurelio (Brazil)

Martin Skrtel (Slovakia)

Steven Davis (Northern Ireland)

Milan Jovanonic (Serbia)

An additional four on the bench. I'm looking to make the squad entirely British in the future, but we'll see if that works.

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I've just started with Sunderland. My XI contains:

3 Scots

1 Italian

4 English

1 French

1 Albanian

1 Trinidadian

Also in the squad I have a Hungarian, a Ghanaian, a Northern Irishman, a Malian, a Brazilian, a Dutchman, a Zimbabwean, an Angolan, an Irishman and 4 or 5 more English players.

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2013 Summer Transfer Window

24 spots of my 25 man roster are filled. Here is the breakdown. I am going to sign one more forward/winger, maybe two, as I have a few U21 players in this squad.

Players in bold are starters.

Players with an asterisk are regens.

Argentina: Gago

Belgium: Defour, Lukaku, Vermalean

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Dzeko

England: Bartley, Hart, Herbert*, Wilshere

Spain: Canales, Fabregas, Montejo*

France: Aurier*

Germany: T. Kroos, Zollner*

Greece: Papadopolous

Italy: Criscito, Venturi*

Netherlands: Barazite

Norway: Nordtveit

Peru: Zevallos*

USA: Friedel, Hamid

Wales: Ramsey






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VfB Stuttgart 2018

GK - France (Lloris)

DR - Brazilian

DC - Bulgaria

DC - German (Tasci)

DL - France (Franchone)

DM - German (Khedira)

MC - Serbia (Kuzmanovic)

MC - Belgian (Defour)

MC - Mali

ST - France/Brazil (Dentinho - @ Corinthians IRL)

ST - Rwanda


GK - Canadian

DL - Nigerian

MC - Dutch (Afellay)

MC - France

ST - Argentina

ST - Ghana

DC - Costa Rica

MC/ST - Sweden

MC/DM - Norway

My youth team has a Dutch, Italian, Brazilian, and Spaniard.

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GK Russian

DR Brazilian / Argentinian

DL English

DC Argentinian

DC Portuguese / Brazilian

MC German

MC English

MC Brazilian

FC Ivorian

FC English / Nigerian

FC Engilsh


SB1 Czech

SB2 English

SB3 English / Sierra Leonean

SB4 English

SB5 Greek / Albanian

SB6 Argentinian / Italian

SB7 Brazilian

7 Englishmen

4 Brazilians

3 Argentines

1 Greek, Albanian, Italian, Sierra Leonean, Nigerian, Czech, Russian, German, Portuguese and Ivorian

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You would have bought a number of them when they were younger though? It would be crazy if all were regens at your club.

Your Tynan has an amazing scoring record and a price to match. Rare to see a 5-star player, even if I have one.

How many of them are in the England squad?

No, they were all regens at my club :D

Tynan is awesome, and one of the reasons I built this team of all-youth products. The 5 stars are a bit misleading though as they are relative to the other strikers in my squad, who aren't really that good.

Currently 12 of them are in the England squad.

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Usually end up with a team with a very broad mix. However, with my current squad:

Villarreal - season one:

GK - Spain

DR - Spain

DL - Spain

DC - Spain

DC - Argentina

DM - Spain

MC - Spain

AMR - Spain

AML - Spain

AMC - Argentina

ST - Italy

S1 - Spain

S2 - Germany

S3 - Uruguay

S4 - Brazil

S5 - Croatia

S6 - Belgium

S7 - Uruguay


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All regens at your club? Clearly going for a club-grown policy then. I take it that some of them are just half-decent then.

How successful are you with this club-grown policy in terms of titles won?

The quality within my starting lineup does vary quite a bit, from the 5 star £37m rated striker Tynan to the 2 star £5m rated left back Morrison. They are all decent and Premier League quality, but nothing like the quality I could have if I had brought the players in.

I've had this type of squad for the last four years and I've won 2 PL titles and 2 CL titles, but I'd built the club up beforehand. You can read about it here if you want to see the full story.

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Usually I have loads of different nationalities, but in my current save i'm trying to only buy domestic players, so Valencia:

GK, RB, CB, CB, LB, DM, AMR, AMC, AML, SC: All Spanish

MC: Argentine.

Hopefully next year all 11 will be spanish!

In my most successful squad for wolves i had any nationality:

GK: Mexican

RB: English

LB: Welsh

CB: Columbian

CB: Argentine/English/N.Irish

DM: Scottish/English

MC: French/Belgian

MR: Argentine

ML: Argentine

FC: French/Ukrainian

SC: Bosnian

So potentially 10 different nationalities!

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Season 2015/16 wit Liverpool

2 Argentinians - Insua, Mascherano

3 Brazilians - Filipe, Breno, Manoel

1 Croatian - Goran Jordan

3 English - Smithies, Shelvey, Johnson

3 Spanish - Reina, Azpilicueta, Dacosta

5 French - Gignac, Sakho, M'Vila, Sanogo, Belfodil

1 Italian - Cristeg

1 Montenegran - Jovetic

1 Scot - Fraser

2 Turkish - Kisa, Samil Celik

3 Americans - Medina, Gallegos, Hilton

1 Welsh - Ramsey

Average age is 21 as i tend towards buying young players

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Well my team (Betis) has:

3 Argentinians

1 Brazilian

1 Czech

11 Spaniards (and with only one player out of position I can play a starting line-up in Spanish)

1 French

2 Dutch

1 Nigerian

1 Peruvian

2 Romanian

1 Slovak

1 Ukranian

1 American.

So my squad is pretty eclectic but it has a strong core of Spaniards, of the 11, 6 are pretty regular in the first XI.

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That is my Newcastle team, saw another Newcastle team on this thread, unlike their team I have kept a lot of the current players, but improved them greatly. I have making Kadar one of the best LB's in the world.

Anyway, my team is:

5 English

4 French

2 Turk

2 Spanish

2 Mexican

2 Argentine

1 Peruvian

1 Hungarian

1 Belgian

1 Swede

1 German

1 Dutch

1 Czech

14 nationals overall.

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My 25 man squad with Arsenal (10-11 season) contains:

Belgian - Vermaelen

Brazilian - Denilson

Ivorian - Eboue

Cameroonian - Song

Czech - Rosicky

Danish - Bendtner

English - Walcott, Gibbs, Wilshere

Spanish - Fabregas

French - Clichy, Sagna, Squillaci, Koscielny, Diaby, Nasri

Italian - Mannone

Morroccan - Chamakh

Mexican - Vela

Dutch - van Persie

Polish - Fabianski

Russian - Arshavin

Swiss - Djourou

Welsh - Ramsey

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In my 2035 Hampton & Richmond squad I have:

Starting Line up:

England - 4

Brazil - 4

Italy - 2

Switzerland - 1


England - 3

Germany - 1

Russia - 1

Spain - 1

Italy - 1


Brazil - 5

England - 10

Spain - 1

Germany - 1

Russia - 1

Switzerland - 1

Italy - 3

Domestic Player Bias still 1 :(

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Managing Celtic

Gk - Poland

DR - German

DL - Ivory Coast

DC - Swiss

DC - Ireland

MR - Ireland

ML - Scottish

MC - Scottish

MC - Korea

ST - Brazilian

ST - Senegal

S1 - Gk -English

S2 - DC - Scottish

S3 - D/LR - Scottish

S4 - MC - Ireland

S5 - MC - Spain

S6 - AM R/L - Northern Ireland

S7 - ST - Scottish

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