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LiverpoolFC challenge - A new revolution

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Take Liverpool back to their rightful place in English Football. Off the back of a dismal last season and finishing 7th in the league, the club have started to show their intent in putting certain mesaures in place that ensure Liverpool are once again competing for the premiership and top prizes in Europe. The all elusive Premiership trophy still beckons and remains the golden chalice for all Liverpool supporters. Manchester United, their closest rivals are on the verge of overlapping their all 18 time league titles, and Sir Alex Ferguson has every intent of doing so while Liverpool focus on substaining and rebuilding for the future. The rich empire of Manchester City no doubt will influence Liverpools ability to compete in the short term, as they look to break into the big 4 and stamp their authoriy on world football. Chelsea are looking to build on their previous seasons double and prove that they are English best club of the new millenium- they too are seeking their precious jewel: The UEFA Champions league.

With a recently acquired non-executive board, Liverpool are making all attempts to transform to an empire that can compete and continue to make Liverpool the best team in England. The chairman, Martin Broughton, has stated his intent to sell and bring in owners who understand the culture and ethics of the club - the Liverpool way. Furthermore, the club have designs for a new Stadium at Stanley Park and this remains one of the key interests for new investors or ownership. Continued success on the pitch is a requirement to substain the gate receipts at Stanley Park in the future.

They have asked you to be part of this new revolution to lead and rebuild the team for success in the short term as well as the long term. You enter the position with alot of pressure in keeping the stars of Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres commited to Liverpool. Purslow has made it clear that financial backing is a problem with the club in serious financial debt and looking to sell. He is eager that a sale will go through, but there are no gaurantees. He mentions, the teams morale is low and is looking to you to re-ignite the spirit and belief of the players. You are re-assured in support of bringing in your own back room staff to assist you. Purslow has also mentioned that recent depatures of some squad players have seen your transfer budget rise a little but he cannot gaurantee any further sales will indeed come back into circulation for new players. However, Purslow will try his best to make sure this is the case going forward with the help of the board. Purslow also stresses the importance of the Liverpools supporters club and continued belief in the team and their players. He feels you play a vital role in helping bring together the club and the supporters so they are united.

After your first meeting Purslow has further informed you that

a. He has it on good authority that your job should be safe if new owners do come in, but again its not gauranteed.

b. Any significant offer for a player could mean the club would be willing to listen to such an offer. Our ambition is too keep our best players, but the owners have expressed their desire to listen to offers that of significant value that would aid the club in their debt position and assist in their refinancing terms with the bank. Unfortunately, you will not have the authority to overule this decision.

c. All transfer related matters are too be conveyed through Purslow himself. Purslow has also given you a shortlist of players he thinks are not an asset to this club or have indeed shown interest to leave. These include presently: Insua, Mascherano

d. He has recently obtained the service of Joe Cole from Chelsea on a free. He feels this is a significant step forward for the club. He has also expressed further acquisitions of Jovanovic and Wilson. These were targets before your arrival.

e. He believes Christen Poulsen is a reasonable and affordable replacement for Mascherano who is determined to leave.

f. Insua talks with Fiorentina have broken down due to wages but believes a deal can be struck with another club. It is of utmost importance the LB position needs attention.

g. Its with great pleasure he announces Fabio Aurelios ambition to stay with the club by resigning a new 2 year deal, after previous contract negotiations were unsuccessful.

h. He reminds you of the premiership ruling on registration of 8 homegrown players and feels this will be critical in our decision making around possible targets to the club.

i. Its important that a positive net transfer is made to contribute to the profit of the club. The club is not in a position to tollerate a high net transfer spending. Doing so could see signficant funds taken away from the transfer budget for balancing the financials.

j. The wage budget needs to drop considerably, and Liverpool together with your help would like to make this a priority. You are reminded your transfer budget does include your wages.

k. Its important that reserve or youth players get the opportunity to impress, Liverpool are still focused on bringing in the youth and would like to see more players come up and continue to help liverpool progress.

l. Assistant, Samy Lee has expressed his desire to stay. Purslow has indicated its totally your decisions to remain with Samy or not. His recommendation is the club needs a new start with new faces however Samy could assist you immensley in helping you describe the climate and helping you settle in.

The Liverpool Board have given you both short term and long term objectives, where the short term objectives include

- Qualifications for this seasons Europa League. Liverpool are deemed faviroutes. We are looking for atleast a final 4 finish, but again we stress the league remains our primary target

- Qualification for next years UEFA Champions League (ie. minimum 4th finish in Barclays Champions League) as your priority

- To convince the best players of the team to stay and commit to Liverpool. This is important for the substainability of the club.

- Comply with new premiership rules around homegrown players and look to reduce net transfer spending and wages where possible.

- Any other cup competition success will be most welcomed, but not at the jeopardy of the the league priority

In the near term the priorities remain,

- Improve the quality and value of the first team squad.

- Investing in more english based players.

- Winning a Barclays Premiership trophy in the next 2/3 seasons. Terms have expressed you indeed only have 2 seasons to do this in, but the club are willing to negotiate if there is a serious challenge shown just short of success (ie top 2 finish)

- Atleast qualification for the champions league each season. Failure to do this could result in the club financial position being compromised. This is non-negotiable.

- Continued success in all domestic and European competitions is important for both the brand of Liverpool and its future success. The board expects atleast top 4 finish in most domestic cup trophies aswell as top 8 in european cup competitions.

Important terms expressed in your contract that are non negotiable include:

- You are not to accept any international coaching position. Doing so comprimises your attention and focus to LFC.

- Depending on results a intermin contract negotiation will be carried out at the end of your first season.

- Any interest expressed to you or your agent needs to be channeled through the club directors. Failure to do so with forfit any compensation.

LFC have also expressed their 4/5 year ambitions and feel very strongly on being

- Press faviroutes win the premiership each season

- Challange or surpassing Real Madrid for the all time number of European Championship trophies

- Win the European Champions league back to back

- Dominate all local domestic cup and league competitions.

- Stay ahead of Manchester United by atleast 3 league titles.

- Look to dominate in youth and reserve leagues year after year

- Become the richest/wealthiest club in world and maintain a world ranking of no.1


Database: 10.3 (with Forbes and Chirs Data update as of 6 August 2010..see Editors Highway thread)

Database Size: Large

Leagues: ENGLAND (Premier League only)

Manager Profie:

NATIONALITY: Up to 2 nationalities allowed



Take the reins at Liverpool and see how close you can come to the amibitions of one of the most succesfull clubs in England and Europe. A minium of 3 seasons needs to be played before sharing progress on this thread.

What can you do at 5 seasons with Liverpool.

Enjoy and good luck


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