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[FM10] Cambridge United - Bounce Bounce Amber Army!


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Cambridge United - Bounce Bounce Amber Army!

After many many attempts at managing in the lower leagues, I have finally found a team and a save file that I can really enjoy, I am already seven seasons into this save where I have successfully taken Cambridge United up from the Blue Square Premier and into the Premiership. I shall post a brief description of what has happened in the previous seasons, and then I shall write in more depth for where I am currently, hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed playing it!

Here are the leagues I've loaded and the version of the game: FM2010 10.3 Large Database, With the African mega database, which just adds a large amount of African players

Mexico - Promotion League and above

U.S.A. - MLS

Belgium - Third Divsion and above

Croatia - Second Division and above

Czech Republic - Second Division and above

England - Blue Square North/South and above

France - National and above

Germany - Second Division and above

Italy - Serie B and above

Holland - Jupiler League and above

Poland - First Division and above

Norway - First Division and above

Portugal - Liga Vitalis and above

Romania - Second Division and above

Russia - First Division and above

Scotland - Second Division and above

Spain - LIGA Adelante and above

Sweden - First Division Elite and above

Ukraine - First League and above

Serbia - First League and above

Argentina - Second Division and above

Brazil - Second Division and above

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Brief Analysis of my first seven seasons

I've finally done it, I've never been able to properly get into a lower league game, but I forced myself to do it this time. After consecutive promotions straight from the Blue Square Premier I have got Cambridge United into the Premiership :cool:

My first season went very well indeed, I made a few changes from the original, mainly free transfers from abroad. As you can see here, I really dominated the league, only losing 5 games. Brian Saah was my man of the season, played very well, a player with those physical stats in this league would dominate, and he did, scoring a lot of goals from corners.

My second season went great as well, I wasn't excpecting to continue to dominate leagues, but with the help from loan players, I did. Again my defence was impenetrable, and my goal scoring was also great, here is the league table.

My key player of the season would have to be David Pollet, a French loanee from Lens, a big strong target man, he was a last minute buy in August as I thought my squad lacked depth, I didn't expect him to become such a revelation, as seen here .

After 2 consecutive promotions I was thinking that my run was nearing the end, as I approached my 3rd season in charge of Cambridge United. I had secured three key players for this season in the Summer transfer season, these players were:

Sifiso Dlamini

David Pollet

Raymond Fafiani

All three of them contributed hugely to my promotion and me winning the leauge, again with a strong defense and an incredible offense. I had progressed to the Coca Cola Championship, where I would face teams like Sunderland, Wigan and Portsmouth.

I had reached the Championship, and from what I had heard from other people this would be the hardest league to get out of, it didn't turn out to be that hard, but it was definitely a challenge. I started off badly, losing quite a few games. I had made a few signings before the start, including Engin Bekdemir, a classy youngster who had been on loan at Cambridge for the past two years, he was released by Chelsea, so I grabbed the chance to get him on a permanent basis. It was in this season that David Pollet broke the previous record of goalscoring for Cambridge, scoring his 88th goal.

I wasn't as strong as I had been in previous seasons, but still I managed to come 2nd overall and secure automatic promotion to the Premiership, heres the final league table. As you can see I still managed to score a great deal of goals, mainly down to the usual suspects, David Pollet and Sifiso Dlamini. That pretty much sums up my Cambridge save so far :o Whilst writing this out I have been playing in my first Premiership match against Tottenham, unfortunately I lost it 3-1, but still heres a picture I'm sure every Cambridge United fan dreams about: The Dream

My First Season in the Premiership went very well, I didn't perform spectacularly but I stayed up and had a solid season. I finished in Mid-table as 11th, but unfortunately my defence wasn't as good as it was in the lower leagues, for the first time I conceded more than I scored, only by 3 goals but still. I probably would of scored a lot more, but unfortunately for me Dlamini my hero in the lower leagues broke his leg early on in the season, so the goals quickly dried up. Also I finally got a Stadium Expansion, its still no where near as good as it should be for a premiership team, but it was still appreciated, also my facilities got upgraded again, not to anything special but its one step closer to having decent training and youth players. Here's my Final Squad of my first time in the premiership, as you can see my players didn't perform that well, but Scott Jones performed unbelievably, he's a fantastic goalie and he saved so many matches for us.

My second season in the premiership went a LOT better than my first, and frankly I was shocked at our performance. I didn't buy anyone but Godfrey Mogotsi and Roland Juhasz as an attempt to strengthen my defence, the plan worked superbly, Mogosti was dominant in the air and helped with a few goals, but I believe that Roland Juhasz is the unsung hero of my team, he brought experiance to my defence and helped us perform so admirably. I managed to finish 2nd in the league, I could of won it, but for that to happen I would of needed Man City to falter at the last hurdle, but unfortunately they didn't. I couldn't of done any of this without a certain young German, Daniel Schmidt, I picked Daniel up for £500k of Kassel, I originally got him as a youth prospect but when Dlamini broke his leg the previous season, I had to play Daniel, he got a few goals last season, but this season he was superb. Not just scoring the most goals in the Premiership, but in Europe winning him the Golden Boot, he also picked up English Footballer of the year.

Well thats my first six seasons, I'll have a new post when I update my seventh, I probably won't do Seasonal updates as I'm a little slow doing seasons :)

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Mid Season Update

I'm currently in the October of 2015 in my seventh Season. I started off this season relatively well, drawing my first game and then beating Sheffield United and Wolves 2-0, but shortly after losing to Genoa in my first ever european game, my form dropped dramatically, I've been conceding silly goals and Daniel Schmidt is far from his previous form, he's still my top goalscorer at 5 goals, but he's been very in consistent. As I was hoping to challenge for the title this season, the results have been poor, and I'm starting to lose faith in certain memebers of my team, mainly Ibrahim Tarawalie, he's been with me since my first season, playing that central midfield role for me for years, racking up 192 League appearances and 26 goals, but he gets booked and sent off so often, and his strength makes me worry. I've recently been playing the re-trained Darnel Situ as the Ball Winning Midfielder, but I've got such an attachment to Tarawalie, that it would be hard to let him go. I really need some advice here, what do I do about him? is he good enough for a Title Challenging side? or am I just being silly and blaming the wrong person? His disipline has always been a problem, in the last 2 seasons he's got 6 red cards and 29 Yellows.

Summer Transfers

I brought in quite a few players this season, but only one of them will go straight into the first team, Federico Moreno. Since my Youth Facilities are so poor, I felt the need to bring in some youngsters for the future.

Federico Moreno - A young Uruguayan right back who has slotted into the first team rather well, I have high hopes for him.

Dirk Kuyt - I brought in a 35 year old Dirk Kuyt for experiance and for potential tutoring some time in the future.

Alfonso Fontana - A young Italian goalie from Chievo, has great stats for a 16 year old, looking for him to become a back up for Jones.

Duarte Barroso - An 18 year old French/Portuguese Playmaker, hoping for great things from him, his coach report indicates that he's going to be great in the future, getting him tutored by Tarawalie to get his determination up.

Piotr Kanik - A youthful Polish Playmaker, his mental attributes seem quite shocking and his Physical aren't that good either, I bought him because my scouts were raving about him.

Rareş Constantin - A Romanian centre back who seems to have good attributes to become a decent centre back, shame about the lack of jumping.

Christian Baroni - An italian centre back who I picked up from Rimini, low marking yet high passing means I may turn him into a defensive midfielder.

Michele Masi - Another italian centre back, he seems just as good as baroni, I love his determination, and his bravery, looks good for the future.

Martins - My only big cash signign, a fantastic centre back, I am looking for him to solidify my defense, but for £31m he may of been a tad expensive.

Thats that so far, I'll probably make another update when I get to January or December, thanks!

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International Update

Its not quite December yet, but as I'm also manager of Chile, I thought I would keep you all updated on how my World Cup Qualification is going :thup:

I've currently played 3 games of my qualification, my first two games were against slightly weaker teams in Ecuador and Bolivia, but I've recently faced the great Brazil team.

Chile 5 - 1 Ecuador - I was always expecting my team to win, but to completely demolish them like this was a great feeling, the key player being Sebastian Sepulveda who scored a fantastic hattrick.

Chile 6 - 0 Bolivia - Again, I was expecting to win, but I wasn't expecting 6 goals, yet again, Sepulveda scored a hattrick, I am very pleased with this result.

Chile 2 - 0 Brazil - Things just got a whole load better, I dominated, Matias Fernandez was the best player, setting up both goals, also the Brazil manager got sacked :thup:

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Consecutive promotions from the Blue Square Premier to the premiership is an amazing achievement :thup: You've got a terrible draw in your first ever Champions League campaign though, no easy games but then again I don't know if there really are any in that competition!

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January Update

My team has finally started playing properly, I had to change the tactic around for a little bit, I changed my original 4-2-2-2 to a 4-2-1-3, so the goals just kept on coming, I've changed back now, but my players have the confidence to score now. Here's how I've been doing since my last update as you can see i've been scoring a lot, but still I generally concede at least 1 goal per game, which is something I need to work on. I currently sit 2nd in the league, which I'm very pleased with, it means I can perhaps challenge for the title, like I had hoped for pre-season. I said in the previous update that I was worried that Daniel Schmidt wasn't scoring enough goals, but thats changed, with him currently leading my scoring charts with 19 goals, 7 assists and 5 man of the matches. He also got this I know he didn't win but to come 3rd out of the whole of Europe at just 19 is amazing. I still haven't managed to figure out who to play as my Ball Winning Midfielder, I'm currently low on funds, so I guess I'll just have to stick with Tarawalie and Situ. I've realised I haven't yet posted my first 11, so I'll do that now.


GK: Scott Jones - A goalie i've had since Coca Cola League 2, luckily for me he had english nationality, so I grabbed him for a measly £60k. He's gone on to make 213 League appearences for me, a fantastic goalie.

DR: Federico Moreno - A good right back, can get forward well and is great defensively, hasn't done anything special yet, but then again he's just a right back.

DL: Hamza Nzamba - Picked him up for £15m as I was desperate for a left back, he's done very well, not that fast, but his positioning and concentration make up for that. Consistent.

DC: Martins - I was worried about spending too much on him, but he's performed very well so far.

DC: Godfrey Mogotsi - My big South African Centre back, dominant in the air, noone can beat him, one of my best signings.

MC: Guillermo Rodriguez - Picked up for £10.5m 2 seasons a go, never looked back, my best player and by far the most consistent, scores plenty and assists even more.

MC: Ibrahim Tarawalie - Odd player, can pass and dribble and can tackle and mark, and he's finally got his first technical stat over 15, after 7 years! Been with me since the first season, I can never get rid of him.

AMR: Sergey Nazarov - My very pacey right winger, I play him as an inside forward, but he still gets great crosses in, loads of assists and goals, one of my favourite players, and the fastest.

AML: Engin Bekdemir - One of the very few players I have that is not a regen, he's been on loan with me since League 2 and in the Championship I spent all my money and bought him for £3m, good player, not amazing though.

ST: Daniel Schmidt - The only player I can rely on for goals, no matter who we play, he will get a goal or set one up, great player, he also works superbly with Seamus Molloy, my other striker.

ST: Seamus Molloy - Picked him up last season for £775k off Bohemians, really good player, scores some great goals, but more importantly sets up most of Schmidt's. Been injured a lot this season.


I've only brought in one player so far, that is James Cox a young right winger from Aston Villa, I hope he develops well, so in the future I could have an english back bone. I may dip into the transfer market some time later for youth.

Thats it for now, I'll see you at the end of the season :) Thanks for reading

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