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My players doesn't get picked for their national teams anymore

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I have a strange problem. I don't really know, if it is a bug or just stupid national team managers, but suddenly, some of my players, who have been starters on their national teams, doesn't get picked for the national squad anymore.

I get a message like "Player left out from national squad" for each player, every time their national team squad has been announced.

They are less than 30 years old, so it shouldn't be their age.

Have anybody else tried this?

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Check they haven't retired from internationals and you just missed the announcement. Other than that i cant think of a reason other than the fact that the players aren't playing regularly enough in your team for the international managers liking. If they haven't retired and are playing well and regularly enough then the only option available to you that I can see is taking contol of the national side as well as your club side and picking them yourself!

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I play with Kenco's World League. I have promoted Aalborg BK for the 6th tier, in which I am currently nr. 1, which is a pretty good result. The players left out are both players, who get a lot of game time and players, who don't.

They were picked, when I played in the 7th and 8th tier. It is really strange.

It's relatively good players in their country, such as Oliver Norwood (Northern Ireland), Michalis Sifakis (Greece), Sölvi Ottesen (Iceland), Daniel Fredheim Holm (Norway) and a couple of new-gens.

And no, they didn't retire internationally.

This has pretty much ruined my career. :(

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