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Want a challenge in the english league

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My suggestion is to find a BSS or BSN team that has two things going "for" it: a small stadium and a lack of money (preferably, a nicely large negative balance!). This will mean your effort to stave off relegation out of the game will involve two important hurdles. First, you won't have any transfer budget to speak of, and not much added salary money either, forcing you to ruthlessly pare the team by getting rid of the useless tossers who are cluttering up the payroll before you can bring in anyone decent. Second, at some point in the season, or the next season, you'll probably have to deal with an attempted sale of the club, and the attendant transfer ban. This will force you to improve the club through training and tactics, two aspects of this game that I think get underutilized, as it's all too easy here to simply buy your way to better results (if it really was that easy, don't ya think it would happen much more frequently??).

I don't know if it's always true, but Northwich and Farsley both are -10 pts to start the first season in my Hinckley game (they are both in the BSN). Farsley have been dealing with on-again/off-again sale efforts; Northwich are still in the relegation zone but got off to a decent start, making up the 10 pts within 4 games, I believe, so it's certainly possible to get somewhere with them. :)

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