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Mac game won't load

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Hey all!

I started an unemployed game at the start of February running a diary alongside it, and after months and months of playing on my brothers gaming PC he broke the news that he was moving out!

With that the only PC in the house and without the cash to buy a laptop I had to switch the game to the recently bought mac.

I copied over my football manager folder with graphics and game files and installed FM10 on the mac. Everything was working perfect but when I tried to load my unemployed game it won't load. I started a new game, no problems. Saved it and loaded it to check it wasn't a problem with loading, everything perfect. Then tried the old game again but no luck. I tried a few more games carried over and they're all broken as well.

Is it something to do with transferring from Windows to Mac? Is the game corrupted? Is there anything I can do to get my games working? Will it work if I buy a laptop and put it on that instead?


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If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is this all about? You have me interested. ;)

Kinda OT but shur since ya asked...

I used to run it on this forum but got no real feedback about it so I wasn't really bothered making the effort, it's still on another forum. It's called 'Where Did I Put My Keys?' and I've gone from unemployed to managing Liverpool and the mighty Éire! Really enjoying the game and delighted I haven't lost it!

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