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Brought the game back to life

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After another long summer of getting more and more excited about the new football season with every ridiclous transfer story, i finally got bored of fm10 due to over playing it. Was the same old after every season no matter where i moved to as iv basically done everything. So i stopped playing for 3 weeks.

Watching the community shield today though and seeing scholes play so well gave me the inspired thought that re-lit my romance with the beautifull "game".

I have a mate who is possibly one of the most gifted technical players around, the thing is hes a chunker. Proper 12 chins, belly that hides his man parts from him and the guy is on first name terms with the owners of the local chinese/indian/chippy/ice cream truck etc. So basically a fat paul scholes.

Thinking of this gave me the idea of moving my home town team into the spl and making them a team of my mates and people i like. The funnest 6 hours iv had in a long time followed!

Got rid of all the current squad and staff members then got to work building the foundations. First i made the town attraction 17 instead of 2, didnt want my boys to up in leave beacuase they lived in a hole. Then the stadium got a major boost along with the bank balance. Once all this was in place the fun started with the players.

Of course i had to make my mate first as without his lovely man boobs and God like first touch New Links Park would never of got its under soil heating :D His physical stats couldnt reflect his actual irl stats as -7 wasnt an option in the game. So i gave him some major lipo and a tummy tuck so he could run at the modest pace of 7/20. After laughing my ass off at making his PPM to stops play (once he fell over in real life and everyone thought he had a stroke so me stopped the game haha) he was finished.

I then went on to make the rest of the team with a giant cheeser on my face :D

Saved the database then started a new game where i decided to take over baracelona as i had never been them. The reason i didnt want to play as my team was i wanted to set up my barca team with my awesome tactics and go on holiday just coming out once a month to play the odd game and read all my mail about my spl team and how everyone was doing. Its the most fun save i think i have ever had!

My mate the inspiration is an inspiration to his team when his body lets him. A squad player but a productive one at that with more total goals + assists than games played.

Totally recommend doing something like this. Its an awesome background thing to have in your game with all the news alerts and attending the games like your an actuall fan. Think this will be the way i play football manager forever now :D

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