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[FM10] Euro Tour - Rise of the Scum (*regen)


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It's something i am not very proud and i hope never happens in real live!

I was getting bored of dominating everything with my Notts County team so decided to start a new save.

Top divisions only - England, Germany, France, Itay, Portugal, Spain and Russia.

I started my career at Leverkusen and the aim was to at least get into Champions League within 2 seaons. (Board gave me respectable position)

Unfortunatley i'm at work and with not remembering everything and no screen shots the update might be a bit hazy. (I will post screenies etc when can)

Anyway, back to Leverkusen.

With having little to spend i had to rely on loans and cheap buys for the 1st season. 4-5-1 with counter i managed a respectable 7th place.

With the extra money and after selling some players - (update coming) I had high expectations for the upcoming season. Top 5 a must.

I again bought in loan transfers with option to buy at end of the season. (udates coming)

I finished 5th in the end, missing out on 4th by a couple of points.

This is where my promising career took a nose dive :(

Sir Alex Ferguson retired from Professional Football and so the Manchester United job becamae available. Being a Man United fan i had to see if i could make United the dominant force in Europe.

I got the job and started to mould the team into my own image.

Sandro £13m

Pato £32m

a few youngters in and sold some of the fringe players. (Alan Irwin* from Stoke for 3m become important in this career)

I was pretty happy with the squad and as expected i was told to challenge for the title.

Easy right???? How i was wrong.

I went with a 442/ 4231 formation and for the life of me i could not get the results to come. I was sacked in February while languishing in 7th place.

The thoguht of retiring did cross my mind until i was offered the Switzerland job. Usually i wouldnt take such a role but i was getting bored not doing anything. It was also a World Cup year 2014.

I entered the tournament just hoping to make the people of Switzerland proud and take their mind of the fact an Englishman is managing the country.

Someon must not have told the players that they were not expected to do much in this tournament because after only conceding 2 goals we finished World Cup champions 2014.

I resigned after this wanting to get back into club football and applied for the Liverpool job with Rafa being under pressure. They accepted and so it began!

***Just to add insult to injury - Leverkusen won the league and Utd took Champions League with the teams i had left behind.

*****Rise of the Scum*****

Seeing as this is the title i feel i should have this section fully updated and will do so once i am back in the comfort of my home.

Hope you have enjoyed the basic edition of this so far??

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