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[iPod AND PSP?!] Wonderkids/Stars Under 18

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Yeah I like those 3!

I like Acosta, from boca, because he has low wage demands and is 18 so I can stick him to a 5 year contract so he wont leave when he realises he is too good for the crappy team I buy him for hehe. Can normally buy him for around 120k at the start of the game.

So many other good youngsters I always try to buy.. Not necessarily great at the beginning but have amazing potential..

Boucher, Dodo, Digne, Situ, Coeff, Ananidze, Gadi, Amine..

Ive found many others too but I dont want to list them all to spoil it :p

I usually manage in league 2 or bsp, but when I manage a big rich team, the player I always sign first is Canales.

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