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*Official FMS Challenge 2010 #3* The Giovanni Trappatoni Challenge


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The Giovanni Trappatoni Challenge by Elrithral

Giovanni Trappatoni is considered one of the most successful Managers in Serie A history; his trophy cabinet includes seven Italian titles, one German title, one Austrian title, one Portuguese title, one European cup and three Uefa Cups. Can you emulate his success?

Stage One

You start out with one of the big three, preferably Juventus and your task is to win one domestic double and one domestic/continental double, a treble would suffice.

Stage Two

Stun the footballing world by jumping ship to one of your biggest rivals (Milan or Inter) and guide them to the Serie A title and European success, not necessarily in the same season.

Stage Three

Off to Germany you go to manage a title challenger, one that hasn’t won the league within the last three years, and win one league title and one domestic cup.

Stage Four

Back to your homeland and it’s time to test yourself with a team outside the big three. Guide a team who hasn’t yet experienced the Champions League to the Champions League Group Stages or better.

Stage Five

You’ve cut your managerial teeth and it’s time to prove that you can do it on the International stage. Trap failed miserably and all you have to do to better his achievements is qualify for the Quarter Finals of either the World Cup or European Championships with a nation of your choice.

Stage Six

One of the big three in Portugal has struggled of late and hasn’t won the Liga Sagres in a long while, time for that to change and time for you to make a difference. End the hate for their poor old fans and guide them to domestic glory at the expense of their bitter rivals.

Stage Seven

It’s the twilight of your career time to relax in beautiful Austria and enjoy a laid back league and laid back lifestyle. It’s not all play though, you have to work hard to guide a team that was almost relegated recently to the league title.

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Congratulations to Elrithral :) I'd appreciate it if anyone attempting this challenge could add (GTC) to their story title. And if you post the link to your story in here, I'll make sure to keep the challenge log updated.

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This may be viewed as a stupid question, and if so feel free to slap me, but is this, and the other challenges, reliant upon staying the same manager and moving when offered the appropriate job? Or re-inventing yourself each time?

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That tends to be the way things are done, Gav, yeah. It's generally accepted practice that you can move to other clubs whilst waiting for the right one to come along, so for instance between stages one and two you wouldn't have to jump straight from Juve to Inter or Milan, but you could waste time managing Newcatle instead if you wanted, waiting for the job to become available.

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