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[FM10] Swiftys World Career


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Database: 10.3 (edited league and competition name and colours of Champ League, English football league, Euro Cup)

Leagues Loaded: (The ones in bold are downloaded leagues, all playable) (Argentina; Second Division - Australia; Hyundai A-League - Austria; First Division - Belarus; First League - Belgium; Third Division - Bosnia & Herz.; Prva Liga - Brazil; Third Division - Bulgaria; "B" Group - Cayman Islands; First Division - Chile; First Division B - China; First Division - Colombia; Second Division - Costa Rica; Liga Tica - Croatia; Second Division - Cyprus; D Division - Czech Republic; Second Division - Denmark; Second Division - Egypt; First Division - England; Blue Square North/South - Finland; First Division - France; CFA - Germany; Third Division - Greece; National B Division - Guam; Division Two - Holland; Jupiler League - Hong Kong; First Division - Hungary; Division 2 - Iceland; First Division - India; National Football League - Indonesia; First Division - Ireland; First Division - Israel; National League - Italy; Serie C2 - Jamaica; Regionals - Malaysia; Premier League - Mexico; Promotion League - N.Ireland; Second Division - Norway; Second Division - Peru; First Division - Poland; First Division - Portugal; Second Division - Qatar; 2nd Division - Romania; Second Division - Russia; First Division - Scotland; Third Division - Serbia; First League - Singapore; S-League - Slovakia; Second Division - Slovenia; Second League - South Africa; First Division - South Korea; N-League - Spain; Second Division B - Sweden; Second Division - Switzerland; Challenge League - Trinidad & Tobago; National Super League - Turkey; Second Division - U.S.A.; MLS -Ukraine; First League - Uruguay; Second Division - Uzbekistan; Birinchi Liga - Wales; Principality Welsh Prem)

Game Start Date: France (June 2009) (I wanted to start in June, not July)

Database Size: Large

Approximate Player Count: 175,000

Use Real Players: Yes

Use Real Fixtures When Available: No

Add Key Staff: Yes

Allow transfer budgets in first window: Yes

Enable Player Attribute Masking: Yes

Well, here I go... 138 Leagues from 61 Nations.

After reading around here for a week or so I decided to start my own. Preferably I would like to start in one of the lower European leagues like Israel or Denmark for example. But I will apply for basically all jobs and see what offers I get. I should be doing monthly updates, but I will see how much time I have on my hands and see if this changes to a season review or what not. I will be putting screen-shots on of quite a lot of things, including tournaments I'm not in, have any requests just ask. Really looking forward to this!

Manager Profile

League Colours/Names

Now, I start off on June 30th and look immediately at jobs that are available, there are loads, but I choose to apply for 2, Warta Poznan (Polish) and Makó (Hungarian), unfortunately they were both 'unsuccessful'... Followed by 3 more job applications, FK Famos Vojkovici (Bosnian), C.P Cacereńo (Spanish) and Bansko (Bulgarian) with the latter two rejected, waiting on the Bosnian one though so fingers crossed... Whilst they are deciding I applied for 2 more Bosnian teams, NK Traglov Livno and HNK Drinovci. And within a day, them 2 teams approach me with these offers:

NK Traglov Livno:

Wage: £425 p/w

End of Contract: June 2011

Transfer Budget: £30,500

Wage Budget: £950

HNK Drinovci:

Wage: £190 p/w

End of Contract: June 2011

Transfer Budget: £30,500

Wage Budget: £1,100

Now, 2 good offers and if your being 'professional' you would accept the Traglov offer, but I'm delving deeper! Traglov predicted 12th, 3 kits, worth around £150k. Drinovci predicted 11th (same league), 2 kits, worth around £75k... So I'm going to accept Traglov offer.

So I'm sorted, NK Traglov Livno it is, I'm only going to fulfil my contract, doubt I will extend it, but we will see, more than likely, I'll be sacked :p

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My computer aint brilliant and I went over the player count by quite abit (and it also took a good half an hour to start the game) but I can deal with abit of slowness. Next update should come shortly (should be today) if its going at a good rate! :p

Thanks for all the comments aswell :) mucho appreciated! :thup:

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Founded in 1918 Troglav are a semi-professional club with a lot of work to do to build up their reputation in Europe. With no icons, legends or even any season ticket holders it is a tough job ahead. With a decent stadium, capacity 5,000 and basic training facilities and youth facilities there is clearly room for upgrade. I am the parent club of NK Kamesncia Podhum, but it seemed pretty pointless so I decided to cancel the link. The board expect me to come mid-table in this year’s League, and I don't think I am in any other cup, so pretty easy season, well simple. The only bit in their history is they came 3rd in this league back in 2007. So with no season ticket holders and basically no history, I look to take this team on, although with my record, I might just scrape mid-table.

First thing first, I looked at my staff, 'mutually' terminated all of their contracts, Ass Man, Physio, Coach and Scout, as none of them were good enough. Then put offers in for replacements, whether they will accept or not is any ones guess seen as I didn't offer what they wanted in some cases. Next moved onto looking at my squad.


Damir Gelo - Decent player considering his age, doesn't look terrible at least. Will be used as a back up and if you believe reports, he still has a bit of potential to give us and produce more goods, which may be good if my main choice retires.

Ismar Pojskic - Really good stats here, defiantly first choice keeper, just hoping he doesn't deteriorate too much because of his age. Reports say he is a cracking player and I didn't need to look at the reports to know that. Just the one hic-up on the teamwork.


Jasmin Djidic - Not bad, age is the annoying part in this though. He will most likely retire at the end of the season which is a bummer, but his versatility is a plus point as he may be used in many positions this year, depends on if I can get a solid back 4 which is the start of success.

Drazen Miocevic - Average, although I'm happy with his mental, and physical doesn't look terrible, just give him some training on the technical side of the game and maybe he might have a couple of good games and produces some results.

Ante Bartolovic - Very similar to Miocevic, bit of work on technical and he might come up good for us, although his jumping stands out most, but heading only 10. Shame, he could have been used for my corner technique. Give this kid 2 or 3 years and I'm sure he can become a first team regular, given his age.

Igor Ceko - Mediocre, if that, he isn't even at a point where I can be arsed to train him, will defiantly have a name plaque on the bench this year, that’s if I can find anyone to bolster my defence. I'm just hoping I don't have to use him much as on first viewing its worrying.


Berislav Vrdoljack - He was transfer listed when I joined, which is a little harsh. He is on £10p/w so it’s not going to make any difference is it if I sell him? So I took him off the list and decided that although he doesn't look like first team material he can put in a shift or two this year if needed.

Igor Sapina - I like the look of this player, 24 year old, good stats, really like that his work effort is good, although he isn't too strong I'm sure we can train him up a notch or two as his work effort is 15, so hopefully he will put the effort in training and results will follow.

Irfan Baljak - He is a little all over the place, either pretty good or not good in what its asking. That may show in his form if he is inconsistent, but still if we hit an injury crisis he will be looked at, definatly. Although a bit of work and some of them stats may make into double figures.

Bozo Crnjak - This one is a tricky one and gets worse if you look at his reports, which say he is a top quality player, he doesn't look it but age and experience might be that deciding factor, and I am looking for some old heads out there, so he might be the one.

Ivan Kreso - This 20 year old looks like he might put some effort into improving his skills, which I like the thought of, he still has a long way to go so could become a good player for us but with training and some appearances I'm hoping for an improvement on skills.

Zdravko Miskovic - Wanted by a Swedish second division team and a Bosnian premier league team, I can't really see why? He isn't one that stands out, just average and with being stuck to one position there isn't too much you can do apart from ask him to learn new skills and position to make him a decent player.

Stjepan Cosic - Also wanted by a Bosnian premier league team and Croatian second division and yet again, not too much to shout about. Mentally he is good and that will help his performances, but you still need a bit of quality to produce good performances which it doesn't seem he has got.

Ante Semren - Now I saw he has an injury, looked at his stats and my heart stopped beating, thankfully its 3 days. Because on first, and then second viewing he looks like one of our best players and might be the difference in how many goals we score.

Ivan Pavic - For a 19 year old, he looks tasty, if I choose the right training methods and don't over work him he should come up good, very good. Although if listen to reports, he is 4 star already and wont be improving? There is a big difference in opinion from me and my coach. (Who has gone).


Asmir Hodzic - Yes, happy with him, young age with good stats for his age, can only mean good things are too come with the right training. Glad to see more and more players with good Teamwork and Work Rate, I was worried to begin with.

Pere Ivkovic - Okay he isn't as good and as promising as Hodzic but still he will put in a shift or two for us and hopefully with some goals this season could get us a point or two on the board, after all, every little helps, now where have we heard that from?

Darijo Krivic - Well just slightly worse than Ivkovic, but still tender age of 22 I'm hoping with a bit of luck he will grab or goal or two from the bench and maybe prove me wrong in playing him there, because there is nothing wrong with competition.

Ante Radic - Well, similar to Krivic, but that’s all my strikers and not one of them is over the age is 22 which I look at as a positive, hopefully one recruit that is a little older can guide these fellas into being quality players.

After looking through my squad, in my opinion we can improve on one or two positions, especially defence. Defence is the one position I'm really going to look at and maybe use a bit of my transfer budget if needed but hopefully the freebies will be good enough for me too use. Overall average team that should be able to reach 12th or a mid table position but with a little extra quality in some positions I think we might be able to go a little higher. Just a little note, there are 16 teams in my league, 2 get relegated and 1 gets promoted. Also, I have just downloaded the logo pack so I have the EPL and UEFA logos and loads more (including Bosnia!) Woo.

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Well it started well, I cleared out my staff, offered contracts to replacements all of two accepted. Then got down to just the one needing to accept, my scout who I'm eager to get as I want to scout some players but he gave up after a week of negotiations saying he wanted more respectable wage, he wanted a part time contract with £85 p/w, I offered full time contract £85 p/w (couldn't go any higher) plus £1.5k signing on fee, he wasn't having none of it, so I offered a contract to another scout, I have been rejected twice now by him and I'm up to my second friendly (first one I'm in charge of) which is in mid July (16th). Also I upset some of the players with my press conference and cancelled all my friendly’s to arrange my own and had to give up on getting an English opponent as all of them rejected. Even Weymouth! So I have been very frustrated in not being able to bring in a scout as I am already mid way through July, but I should have offered trials, d'oh.

On the plus side, my coach and ass man are much much better than my old ones and I have sorted my training out so hopefully everyone improves a little on what they are working on. I have got a lot on heavy but I have a big advantage, I don't play any cups so I just play every Saturday and even get the odd ones off. Easy season. Just need to knock some players onto full time contracts, mainly the younger ones as they can then train more. Anyway I have 4 friendly’s before the start of the season that are easy, very easy, difficult and very difficult so it will be interesting to see the results. Not really arsed how we play, just going to get fitness.

For my tactics I have converted to the classic tactic, as I cannot stand the new one, for me it’s too in depth and too detailed that its hard to get a good tactic going. Formation wise, its 4-5-1, flat back four, dm, two cm, amr, aml and lone striker. Hoping this works as well as it did on my Hartlepool save. Just need to use the right players in the right position. Whilst on subject, my pitch size is minimum possible, 92m by 55m. I feel this helps fitness and also makes it harder for opposition to score as there is limited space. Here is my team tactics. Although, I am going to try out narrow in a few matches, too see which one works best.


As you can see I got 100% in my results (as I wasn't manager for the first game) so clearly better than the former manager Very very pleased with my performances, came from 1-0 down against Moslavina and Sarajevo who are in the Bosnian Premier League and Partizani (Albanian) seemed a strong side but thrashed them with ease.

Vs Atletico Union - Miskovic and Sapina goal scorers... Vs Moslavina - Sapina and Ivkovic... Vs Partizani - Miskovic, Semren and Sapina (Pen)... Vs Sarajevo - Radic and Miskovic.

Marko Matic - He has a bright future with us, only 18 years old, fans were delighted at his prospect although whether he will be a world beater is unlikely. But even at his tender age I will still use him a lot this season hopefully to give him more chance of being a first teamer.

Nihad Nadarevic - Delighted with this signing, all of my signings have been in defence, simply because my numbers were very limited and I wanted strength in depth. This kid although he is on £140 p/w, its worth it. He is a marvellous player and many other teams wanted him.

Goran Djordjevic - Glad to sign this fella, got him as a back-up or a fight for LB position, I had two if you look at it one way, but I need more numbers so I thought he was a good enough back up for my squad and I shall see who performs best.

Armin Ramic - This kid is just like Djordevic, but a back up that I hope pushes for first spot at the Right Back position. Also, signed him on a full time contract as I am trying to get my team on full time (means more training time) and I have removed all my transfer budget to gain £1,500 p/w wages.

I have managed to get some first team players on full time contracts meaning I have more time to train them so hopefully they can improve only brining better results... So I am now on my first game of the season, looking forward to it big time. Really expecting some good results this season. Bring it on!

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August - 2009

League: FK Ozren Semizovac (5th) vs. NK Troglav Livno (12th) the brackets show were the media predicts them to finish.

15minutes into the game some lovely passing through the middle of the park (whilst I shout at them to play it out wide!) gives Ante Semren a run through on goal and he finishes with a good finesse shot past the keeper into the bottom corner. The second half was very dull, they never threatened and we just wanted to keep a clean sheet. On the 75th minute when they stayed in our area for a minute or two winning a corner, I decided to go 5-4-1, which worked. It was an even match but we had the only clear cut chance and we took it. FK Ozren Semizovac 0-1 NK Troglav Livno

League: NK Troglav Livno (12th) vs. FK Radnicki Lukavac (9th) the brackets show were the media predicts them to finish.

They took the lead early on when a long kick down field from their keeper beat our defence and with one touch, Poturak had rounded the keeper and slotted it into an open goal. 60 minutes into the game, we pull one back, Miskovic floated a ball into the far post and Semren headed in to level. Two minutes later Miskovic got into the box, unmarked from a tight angle smashed the ball past the keeper to put us in the lead. 78th minute they got a break, ran down wing, crossed in and Poturak was there to head in via a slight deflection. This is where stupidity paid off, 85th minute, I wanted a win, so I set my tactics to all out attack, 88minutes on the clock, Cosic becomes a super sub putting us 3-2 up with a nice shot placed past the keeper. So 4-5-1 and defensive tactic comes back out. 3minutes added on. We look to have held out but with one last attack they win a penalty, their player was going nowhere! And Pejic, coolly made it 3-3. Gutted to have lost 3 points like that. NK Troglav Livno 3-3 FK Radnicki Lukavac

League: GOSK Gabela (3rd) vs. NK Troglav Livno (9th) the brackets show were the media predicts them to finish.

There wasn't any clear cut chances in this game and it showed in the score line. Being away from home against one of the favourites I was expecting a tough game and I didn't get one. It was easy to keep a clean sheet, but then again it was for them as well. Even a red card for centre half Miocevic in the 63rd minute didn't make it any more difficult than what is was. GOSK Gabela 0-0 NK Troglav Livno

League Table - Right now you can't really comment on the performences, but I'm please we haven't lost yet, with playing some decent teams. Hoping we can keep clear of the relegation zone so we don't end up in a battle. Rather not get my heart racing this year :p

Player of the Month - Ante Semren, he has scored two goals and been part of one or two other goals aswell.

Other News: I released Ante Radic and a few 16 year olds that were going no where to reduce my wage budget seen as I was £97 p/w over, now I am £58 p/w over. So its coming down, its just a strugle with 16 year olds being on £6 p/w. Training seems to being going well, alot of ups in my sessions, but it really does help having no mid week games as I get to push them further in training.

Hopefully my updates will become better and better each month as I tweak them every now and then. I'm going to try and not write so much on matches next month and maybe add something new to them to keep you guys interested. Hope you read and all comments welcome, even bad ones :)

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No need for bad comments yet. ;)

Promising start to the season.

By the way, is it your goal to manage in every available nation at some point in the career? :)

No I doubt it, but I do want to go from club to club. I'm not planning on settling at any club, unless I have a change of heart and really fall for one of them, and this isn't the one, this is a stepping stone in my career.

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September - 2009

Summer Transfer Round-Up: (top 10 transfers)

Luka Modric - Tottenham to Manchester City for £27m.

Ioannis Amanatidis - Frankfurt to Birmingham for £13m.

Sean St. Ledger - Preston North End to Birmingham for £3.3m.

Fernando Gago - Real Madrid to Manchester United for £5.5m.

Andreas Hinkel - Celtic to Liverpool for £4.1m.

Milos Krasic - CSKA Moscow to Manchester City for £14.5m.

Paolo De Ceglie - Juventus to Manchester United for £11m.

Luis Suarez - Ajax to Chelsea for £22m.

Landon Donovan - LA Galaxy to Chelsea for £10.25m.

Aleksandor Kolarov - Lazio to Chelsea for £9.5m.

League: FK Troglav Livno 0-0 FK Igman Konjic

It was a very average game, not boring but average. No real chances created as both teams defended well and managed to restrict each other to long shots (which reflects in the ratio of shots on target to number of shots). In the last 15 minutes both teams started looking for the elusive goal which made it more entertaining but no one could break through and I think 0-0 was the right score line.

League: NK Bosna Visoko 3-0 FK Troglav Livno

We were beaten simply because we were rubbish, truly disappointing performance, we offered nothing in attack or defence. My keeper, Gelo, 20, was the worst, although he got one of the best ratings. They're a good team but our players had no desire to play, they didn't want to be there. It was awful to watch. So I think a few warnings will be dished out here.

League: FK Troglab Livno 2-0 NK Zepce Limorad

We still didn't play amazingly, but we managed to grab 2 goals which is always good. First one was unlucky on their behalf, corner swung in and Bartolovic had a shot that the keeper palmed out and it hit their defender Besim Krdzalic and rolled back into the net, nothing they could do about it. However second goal was well taken, we were playing 4-1-4-1 as I wanted to keep the lead, we broke and a brilliant cross straight to the head of Darijo Krivic found its way over the keeper and into the back of the net, points safe. They did have one or two decent chances but our defence and new keeper kept them out with no real struggle. But I am still scratching my head over why my keeper took a free kick just in their half?

League: FK Troglav Livno 1-1 NK Stanic Kresevo

We didn't really deserve to loose the lead, but it was a good finish to be fair. Edge of the area, Alen Holjan managed to squeeze it past the keeper into the bottom corner with a well placed shot. That’s after we took the lead in just 2 minutes with Ivan Kreso. Apart from the 2 goals there wasn't much, if any goal match action. So all in all not a brilliant game, but one I feel we should have won. Although a final word, I don't know where the Match Engine gets half of these 'shots' from, 17 shots for them!? I'm sure there not showing me the same game.

League Table - Erm, I'm happy with this at the moment, but nervous as it could go down the drain with just a couple of bad results. Then again, it could go the other way with a couple of good results. So long as we are around 8th in May I will be relatively happy with our performance but any bit of form, good or bad, could easily change our season so lets just take it in our stride!

Player of the Month! - For his age and reports Marko Matic deserves the MoM award, 18 year old who is apparently nothing at the moment, only potential, played the first 3 matches of the month before injury ruled him out of the last and has put in solid performances. Not made a mistake and seems confident when on the ball!

Squad - Well as I look to keep reducing my under 19's as I doubt they're going anywhere in their careers my 'hard' training seems to be getting quite a few injured, although it has helped a bit to knock up stats so not all bad, but for now I've moved them onto general training for a month or two to hopefully stop the injuries. I've got 5 out at the moment and not the biggest squad so it’s a bit touch and go. Regards to my tactics its either, flat back four, 1 defender mid, 2 central mids, 2 wingers and lone striker or I just move the defender mid into centre, all depends on if Vrdoljak plays as he is my only defender mid! But 4-3-3 is possible if I go on a dip of form.

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October - 2009

League: SASK Napredak Sarajevo 0-0 FK Troglav Livno

Not much to shout about on this game. They had a goal disallowed (rightly) in the first half for offside, which I am guessing is their clear cut chance as I saw nothing else that you could class as clear cut. We had one or two decent chances, longish shots or corners but couldn't get many of them on target may alone bury them. Which is a little worrying. Although we did have a depleted squad and couldn't change much with the bench we had so all isn't as bad as it looks. There were a couple of penalty shouts but ref turned them down and was proved to be correct.

League: NK Jedinstov Bihac 1-1 FK Troglav Livno

Before the game the press said it was an easy game for Jedinstov, well we put up a great performance! They had two goals disallowed, one in the first half for a foul on the keeper and then one in the 85th minute that was clearly offside. The goals that counted were both in the second half, theirs came first. It was a cross played into the far post and Rade Todorovic put in the back of the net. Our equalizer was a well worked goal, free kick just in their half, swung right into the box and super sub Darijo Krivic beat the keeper to the ball and made it 1-1. They had a couple of chances to win and so did we, but neither of us finished any of them off so it ended as a draw.

Just before my next game against HNK Drinovci, who I applied for, I get an interesting bit of news. You would think that, that was pretty much obvious, but still nice of them to contact me saying I hadn't got the job! How very nice, seen as I applied a good 3 months ago when I was unemployed. And yes if you have cheekily looked at my other messages, my fans don't seem to like the stadium, but yet we're doing really well according to them and the media? Something isn't right, but it’s not my job to investigate!

League: FK Troglav Livno 0-0 HNK Drinovci

Cracking start, Drinovci came out and really went for it, being 3rd in the league I thought I was going to get whitewashed. But keeping them to long shots and making a couple of chances our self relieved the nerves and from that point nothing else much happened. We could have scored but shot straight at the keeper so that gives us our 8th draw of the season with 10 games played! Could do with a couple more wins to bring more fans into the stadium.

Attendance: 229

League: FK Troglav Livno 3-0 NK Bratstvo Gracanica

I feel the need to write about how poor we are, and we are only 45 minutes into the game. The opponents are bottom of the league, I expect a win. And we have some good chances, but screw all of them up! Not to mention when their keeper brought the ball out of the box and Sapina missed this... I'm not mad, just considering quitting! Right off for second half. Well that was, better. 2 very similar goals from Ivan Kreso relieved my nerves. Both times he pulled away from his marker, ran from the right side and into the box whilst latching onto a through ball and slotting it past the keeper to the near post. Another through ball put Ante Semren through who carried his run beyond the keeper and slotted it home. Still can't believe how Sapina missed, when he took the ball I celebrated then he missed.

Attendance: 214

League Table - I'm happy with where we are in the league. Sitting comfortably mid table and 11 points clear of the relegation zone, so it looks like my first year in this career isn't going to be a relegated one! Unless we hit a bad patch and end up down there. Then I have jinxed myself. But yep, so far so good, happy with my results. Just one or two better performances wouldn't go a miss...

Player of The Month - Well this one was a toughie, I couldn't decide between my keeper Ismar Pojskic, and my centre half Ante Bartolovic. I came to the conclusion that Ante Bartolovic should get it, seen as I don't think Pojskic has had too much to do because of my defence. Bartolovic has made some really good tackles and has rarely missed one whilst getting some solid ratings at the back. All of my defenders that have played this month have been solid, but Bartolovic stands out for me.

Awards/Records - Six Games Unbeaten = New Club Record

Overall Comment - Not a bad month, find myself in 7th position and not had to change the team too much. Also, been using my DM this month, rather than just the odd game so that has clearly helped me in defence. Just want a couple more goals in my team, I know we scored 3 in one match, but the goals have dried up a little since the start of the season, which is never good. At least were good defensivly which is my main and first aim. I just want a few more fans turning up, I have a 5,000 seater stadium and I'm only getting 200 odd a game. Fianances don't seem to be to good at the moment, I'm in the black but it looks like I'm heading to the red, and quickly. I still need to decrease my wage budget, which was my own fault for offering big contracts to get them to sign Full Time contracts. Plus side, my imjuries have stopped and I'm just one man down, unfortunatly for 3 or 4 months. So not too good but at least its the only one at the minute.

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November - 2009

League: NK Iskra Bugojno 0 - 3 FK Troglav Livno

Well this game brought up a lot of questions. We were hammered in the first half, 6 shots to 1, I don't remember having a shot, anyway to the point: They really should have been in the lead, so we defended well again. Second half after a kick up the back side they started promisingly but faded away. At which point I did a triple sub, oh the joys when this works out. We picked up straight away but failed to score. So I go from defensive mentality to attacking mentality, literally within a minute or two we score. So I go to normal, we score again. I keep normal and we bag a third. Now, do I go normal/attacking from the start and risk my amazing defensive record or not. All will be revealed. To the three goals, stunners. First one, sub Semren back from injury whips a lovely ball in for Ivan Kreso to bag the first. Our vice captain, Berislav Vrdoljak, who is underrated but I like, playing DM fancied coming up field for a bit, good job I didn't notice or I wouldn't have been too happy, but anyway ball came out to him edge of the box, bang 2-0. Beaut. The third goal was very similar but Ivan Pavic another sub smashed it home.

League: FK Troglav Livno 0 - 0 FK Rudar Kakanj

This was a tough one coming in to it, top of the league by quite a bit, not lost all season, won all bar one which was first game of the season. So there wasn't much hope. I kept to my defensive mentality seen as it has served me very well. It was end to end stuff, really good start and it didn't stop. Not too many clear cut chances mind. We were kept to long shots, which I'll be honest, weren’t all bad and they were kept to scrambles that got cleared, eventually. Thank you defensive mentality! Near end of the match I went for it, gradually building up. It didn't do anything but it was worth a try. Really happy with the point, seems like my team aren’t too bad after all, defensively that is.

Attendance: 304

League: FK Buducnost Banovici 5 - 3 FK Troglav Livno

What the feck happened here? Our defence was all over the place, I hadn't conceded in 4, got the second best defensive record in the league conceding only 8. Then we get hit for 5? Also, on the other front, we scored 3 goals, usually we find it hard up front, but not today. Well I'm just going to move on from this game and take it as a fluke. Their goals were from poor defending. 2 goals from set pieces, Edin Mehmedovic was free in the box and headed home a corner, he then picked it up just outside box, no one around him and he buried it home. In the second half they got a free kick right on edge of the area, took a wicked deflection off of Igor Sapina and sent the keeper the wrong way. Zikret Kuljaninovic then got 2 clear cut chances and scored them both. First one he was played onside simply because my right back was down on the floor injured. Then he was put through again completely unmarked and scored. Our goals were the same as any other of Troglav goals, two wingers pulled in from wide and scored.

League Table - I'm happy with this. 8th place and we don't seem to move all too much. I am happy with mid table simply because that is what I was wanting. I'm not bothered we won’t have anything to play for at the end of the season, I never expected to be up there, but part of me expected me to be a bit further down the table. This is probably the reason I’m happy with where we are. I just hope we can stick to our form and not drop, at least.

Player of The Month - This month it has to go to my vice-captain Berislav Vrdoljak or sometimes known as my DM. He has been solid in the three games we have played and not only is my faith being rewarded but it also proves my ass man wrong and wrong again, he tells me to remove him as my vice-captain but yet he is putting in some top performances. And just thinking, I think he has been the captain of one or two of the games (don't hold me to that though). So yes, he gets it, because he has been solid every game, even in the 5-3 defeat. Oh and nearly forgot, his cracking goal against bottom of the league.

Awards/Records - Highest Scoring Game - Troglav

Highest Scoring Game - BiH First League

Overall Comment - Well, pretty boring month. My training was average, got away with no injuries and played 3 with a record of 1-1-1. First game of the month Sapina had the worst miss of the season. Second game of the month we held first place to a draw, only the second team to do so and then got battered in a high scoring game against 2nd place in the league.

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December - 2009

League: FK Troglav Livno 0 - 0 FK Gradina Srebrenik

We need to improve on our finishing. We played well, deserved the win, but in the final third we just weren't there. Its so gutting when you get that far and fail, every time. 3 shots on target out of 15, that's terrible. At the minute I'm relying on my wingers as my strikers just don't seem to have anything. We kept them out quite easily, like most games every season but just didn't finish any of our chances or even create any clear cut chances. Real shame, because at the moment they're starting to bring the team down. At least now I fully understand why we don't get many fans, because we are very boring!

Attendance: 190

League: FK Troglav 0 - 1 FK Ozren Seizovac

The January transfer window can't come quick enough. It's taken a while but has finally hit me in the face, we are rubbish up front. I've figured the downfalls of what I have been doing. Number 1, we have been defending and can't score at all whilst defending, or attacking for that matter. Number 2, We have 1 striker and 2 wingers that aren't really good enough to score the goals to win games. Number 3, all of our strikers are crap. Number 4, I need some new tactics, now. Oh and just to clarify we are good defensively, we lost to a penalty. Our winger brought down their player when he wasn't even in a good position for a shot.

Attendance: 173

League: FK Radnicki Lukavac 2 - 1 FK Troglav Livno

There are many life skills needed right now and one of them is patience. My first half was awful, mainly because I had got my tactics all wrong, but in the second half we were much much better. So its all about getting my tactics to a T. So hopefully we can get by and in the new year maybe it might work better than it did at the start of the year, at least this month.

League Table - Disappointing month but still in a strong position. This is a plus of not playing to many games in a month. The downside is it is boring and right now I can't wait to get out of here! But shh don't let Troglav Board found out I said that. In the coming month I have, 9th, 10th and 4th. Hoping for 2 wins out of that month but then again with my tactic and team rebuild I don't really mind what happens to be honest.

Player of The Month - No one. I'm not going to give anyone this award out this month as no one deserves it. Wait no, I deserve it, simply for not resigning!

Awards/Records - None...

Overall Comment - What a cack month. This really has put a downer on the season. Ah well moving on, its a brand new year!

Yes, as you can see I wanted to get this over and done with sharpish but who can blame me?

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January - 2010

Transfer News - Okay, this was a little bit of a rushed into the decision but still I'm glad I've got him. Admir Alic - signed him on a free, my scout had scouted a couple of nations around me, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, and I found him within those reports. With being a free wanting £50 p/w I thought why not, need a new striker and he'll do. Best thing, he goes at end of the season. I wouldn't have signed him otherwise. Anyway, I have sorted my tactics out to around how I think it will work, no major changes, same formation just changed a little on player instructions. I shall see how this month goes, hopefully a lot better than last.

League: FK Troglav Livno 2 - 1 GOSK Gabela

Beaut. We played really well. Defensive wise, we kept them to long shots and got men behind the ball making sure they couldn't get anywhere near the goal. Their goal could have been avoided, if you are looking for perfection. Baljak was trying to block off Dino Delic and eventually went in for a tackle, he failed and that gave the space for Delic to turn and shoot. It was a cracking goal, the keeper had no chance, just if Baljak had stayed on his feet he may not have scored, but that’s what you get for telling a player to dive into tackles. Our goals, again as you can guess where balls played through to Ivan Cosic for him to pull in from the wing, run behind the defence, latch onto the through ball and go one on one with the keeper and beat him. That seems the only way we can score at the moment, but oh well. Also, our overall performance was brilliant, we had shots on target, we had shots tipped onto the woodwork, three times, I'm sure we hit the woodwork three times not twice but oh well and we really looked the part attacking whilst staying strong in defence. What a turn around, just hope it’s not a one off! Oh and did I mention Cosic was completely off form and I openly criticised him a week after the Radnicki game, well he proved himself.

Attendance: 161

League: FK Igman Konjic 1 - 0 FK Troglav Livno

Disappointed. We didn't play like we did last match and we lost Alic to a knock just minutes into the game. Their goal was from poor marking, Matic had managed to close out their player and push him out wide, only for him to turn to see a player on the edge of the box, free. Played a perfect ball (wasn't too hard) and the player, Nedim Kudra, latched onto it, took a couple of steps and slammed it home. I'm not too pleased with how they played and gutted no one had him marked. Ah well, one more game of the month.


During mid-week I got a news item saying that South Africa were looking for a manager, I figured I would be considered as it came up in my news but decided against applying as it would be a shortcut through my career (assuming I got the job which I doubt I would have) to just skip into a World Cup as hosts. Right now, international management isn't even in the near future for me. Then again, things change in football, very, quickly.


League: FK Troglav Livno 2 - 0 NK Bosna Visoko

Not a bad game. They came out and created a lot of chances, but like most teams couldn't get past all my defenders and were kept at long shots or shots that were just blocked. Then we took our chance, got into the box and won a penalty when weren't even threatening. Marko Matic our 18 year Serbian right back stepped up and not the best of penalties but he scored to put us in front. How they count a penalty as a shot I don't know. We then made sure they weren't getting back into the game and defended superbly. We had our odd moment when they had half a chance but they never got a clear cut chance. So as the game drew to a close Ivan Kreso did the usual for a winger, ran behind the defence, collected a through ball and buried it past the keeper. I kept saying I don't mind not being in their half so long as when I'm in it, I take the chance and with 3 shots on target to 2 off, I would say they listened to me very well. A really good result against a strong team who were and still are 5th in the table.

Attendance: 217

Just found out this fella took over South Africa, yeah I was never going to get it...

League Table - Hrm. 8th again, I don't seem to move much but if we have found a nice comfy spot in the league then I'm happy, the boards happy, we are all happy! So long as we don't get knocked down by teams behind us. A record of 2 - 0 - 1 this month, its pretty boring not having loads of matches in a month but then again, it does help.

Player of The Month - It goes to my 18 year old right back, Marko Matic. He has really surprised everyone, including me, this season. I put him in the team because of injury I think and then he just had some cracking performances and hasn't lost his place since. He has missed game, don't know where or why but he has started 19. The highest in my team, and he survived the rotation system. Anyway to this month, he has had solid performances all over 7.00 and even listened to my instructions to him to not go forward whatever, apart from when he scored his penalty which was his first goal for us.

Awards/Records - None :(

Overall Comment - Really pleased with this month. Training has gone well, people have improved, not been injured and Ante Ramic has come back from his long term injury to finally get on the pitch for us after signing during the summer. With 2 good wins and one loss which was a poor performance but ah well nothing we can do about it now. Just looking onto the summer and getting my finances sorted out. £77 p/w over my wage budget right now but my defender Djordevic is on £140 p/w and is out of contract this summer so he will be gone. I'm disappointed in myself for giving players some stupid contracts, but hey ho I shall sort it out hopefully this summer. Next month I have 3rd, 4th and 13th.

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stealing my format a bit mate :p

Also, what is your computer setup? Mine isn't bad but it wouldn't run anywhere near that many leagues, I would be interested to hear what you've got that can do all those leagues.

I would call it inspiration rather than stealing. As I have had some bits added onto mine, but I'll be honest, I wasn't planning on doing it like yours to this extent. Unfortunatley I just kinda forgot. Hope you don't mind :) I'll easily change if you want me too, no worries.

Well it does take about 10minutes to do one week, which I do bugger all in. Seriously I click continue, comes up on wednesday/thursday with some news, if no news, friday for my press conferance then saturday for the game and I have another week. Its not a bad computer but still it goes slow, but I don't mind it, I have other things that keep me occupied whilst it goes on.

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I would call it inspiration rather than stealing. As I have had some bits added onto mine, but I'll be honest, I wasn't planning on doing it like yours to this extent. Unfortunatley I just kinda forgot. Hope you don't mind :) I'll easily change if you want me too, no worries.

Well it does take about 10minutes to do one week, which I do bugger all in. Seriously I click continue, comes up on wednesday/thursday with some news, if no news, friday for my press conferance then saturday for the game and I have another week. Its not a bad computer but still it goes slow, but I don't mind it, I have other things that keep me occupied whilst it goes on.

I was joking about the format!

I don't mind at all, infact, my stoke story is the first one i've ever done where I havn't stolen the format from somebody else. Just look at my Backwell story, the format there is a carbon copy of Dafuge's current story!

I would love to do a proper journeyman save but unlike you I get fed up with waiting. I'm very tempted to do one with just a dozen or so countries loaded after a couple more seasons of my stoke game.

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February - 2010

League: NK Zepce Limorad 1 – 0 FK Troglav Livno

This result was never in doubt. Even before the game we had two major setbacks, well one of them was the media calling it impossible for us, the other. Berislav Vrdoljak had got injured and will be out for 4 weeks. With him being my only defender mid, I’m fudged. The game was as I expected, all them but we defended brilliantly as always, even without Vrdoljak, I just feel if we had him we would have had much more of the possession and created more chances. Shame. Although this is the plus of not playing to many games!

League: FK Troglav Livno 1 – 3 NK Jedinstov Bihac

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch this game, to busy watching Take It Like A Fan. Although I saw the odd goal, we were poor defending and yet again we had a winger run in and score, just like usual. Although, Vrdoljak was back, don’t know what’s going on there.

Attendance: 222

League: NK Stanic Kresevo 0 – 1 FK Troglav Livno

Now I actually watched this one and it was a poor match. They had nothing. In attack or in defence they had nothing. After having quite a few injuries to my midfielders I had a make shift midfield, Zdravko Miskovic had got a game out on the right and yep you guessed it, he cut in behind the defence to collect the ball and place it pass the keeper. He had many of those but could only convert one. I have never seen anything like it, right now it’s the only way we can score. My strikers have scored 1 goal between them. We should have won by at least 3 so I have to say I’m disappointed. To only win 1 – 0 when we were basically having a training session isn’t good enough. But a win is a win.

League Table Well, still 8th as always. I can’t be too disappointed with our position, but I am already starting to look to next season, which I shouldn’t. Maybe a relegation battle would be good this year, so I don’t die of boredom! Well I have many autobiographies to keep me busy so I’ll be alright for the moment.

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Meh month Swifty. You seem to be getting a lot of draws...

Well its a bit average, which isn't surprising seen as I'm 8th. I have a record of 7 - 9 -7. Only got 2 matches next month then 7 for the rest of the season. But trust me, this is classed as a success for me.

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March - 2010

League: FK Troglav Livno 1 – 0 SASK Napredak Sarajevo

We deserved the three points today, we were the better side all game even if we didn’t look it at the start. It was just hard to break them down as they were putting defenders behind the ball and into the box just like we were so both restricted to long shots and scrambles. In the second half they went for it, giving us a bit more room in the area but still we couldn’t take advantage. Our best chance of the game came when Pojskic launched it up field from a goal kick, it was flicked on and Miskovic ran in behind the defence for a one on one with the keeper but could only hit it straight at him. Fortunately we got a free-kick a minute later, about 25 yards out. Semren had been smashing them everywhere in the first half and when he came off Igor Sapina stepped up and bang, into the top corner, not a chance. Beautiful. I’m glad we finally scored a goal that wasn’t from a winger.

Attendance: 220

League: HNK Drinovci 0 – 0 FK Troglav Livno

If you saw this game you would agree with this statement, but looking at the stats, you wouldn’t. We deserved to win that game. It was a tough fixture against a team in place, for basically the whole game they battered us, I didn’t see a single shot from us, wait. I didn’t see us in their half until the 70th minute. We were fan bloody tastic in defence. We kept them out all game, even when they had a huge scramble, we still got it clear. Then 70th minute, what have I got to loose, I go all out attack and we hammer them, but our chances were a lot better and we even scored in the 85th minute but it was ruled for offside, rightly.

League Table It wasn’t going to change having played only 2 games. So I’m still 8th but the results weren’t all bad. Next month I have 3 games against, 16th, 12th and 1st. So anything less than 6 points will be a disappointment.

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April - 2010


I never knew why but my players kept on getting suspended. I found it odd as I haven’t had a red card all season and we don’t pick up loads of yellow cards. Then I realized the rules for suspensions: One match ban after the first 2 yellow cards, one match ban for every additional yellow card. This kept Vrdoljak out this match and without having any other DM’s I decided to make my CM’s learn that position, so hopefully I shall have back up for next season.


League: NK Bratstvo Gracanica 0 – 3 FK Troglav Livno

To start off with we scored in the 14th minute, same old same old, Ante Semren finishing it off. Then we just played as though we had won, with the opposition being bottom of the league. But I wanted us to really go for it and try and get as many goals as we could, but we didn’t. They got forward a bit and so did we, but nothing good. Half time I tried to encourage them but it did nothing. 70th minute, I was very disappointed it was only 1 – 0 and we hadn’t even threatened. So I went all out attack. It worked, we scored again Ante Semren, again, the same as every other goal. At least we scored. But what I wasn’t expecting was what happened next, Peter Ivkovic controlled the ball, turned one defender went on a run, skipped past another, carried on his run right up to the edge of the box and walloped it past the keeper, it has to be goal of the season for us! Beautiful.

League: FK Troglav Livno 1 – 0 NK Iskra Bugojno

Poor match and it could have easily turned out to be the same as my previous but it didn’t. Ante Semren scored on the 14th minute, do I even need to tell you how? No I really don’t because it’s the same as always. Then 70th minute after we hadn’t made anything of any of our chances I went all out attack and nothing changed. We just started hitting the ball whenever we wanted. So I’m not too pleased with this performance, just glad we got 3 points.

Attendance: 261

League: FK Rudar Kakanj 1 – 1 FK Troglav Livno

This was an entertaining game and I thought I should try going all out attack from the start simply because if we got a point out of it then that would be a result so if the tactic failed and we lost, we wouldn’t be in any worse position. Anyway, it looked promising to start with, we really went for it and had one or two balls pumped into the box but resulted in nothing. They then came back slowly and scored in 23rd the minute with an absolute worldie. Emir Murtic didn’t even have half a chance but from about 25 yards out he struck the ball so sweetly and so accurately that even my keeper at full stretch couldn’t reach it. It crashed off the post and in. After that both teams settled down and shared the possession but not many chances. Towards the last 10 we really stepped up a gear and kept the ball in their half, finally in the 90th minute, Adam Alic was played through and from a tight gap managed to beat the keeper at his near post. There were suspicions of offside but I don’t think he was.

League Table – Well even after a good month I’m still 8th but at least I’m closer to 7th than 9th are to me, which hasn’t been common this season. Hoping with a good month I might be able to nick into the top half of the table very undeservedly and very sneakily.

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May - 2010

League: FK Troglav Livno 0 – 1 Buducnost

This really did have the end of season feel to it. Neither team really dominated or created clear cut chances apart from the one for them. Ball played across floor into the box and Edin Mehmedovic was there to smash home. Could have defended the goal better but they are on a 9 game unbeaten run (now 10) and are challenging for top spot currently 2nd. We did have one chance to equal the score but only because it had a massive deflection. Igor Sapina collected the ball edge of the area and his shot took a wicked deflection and trickled onto the post. We wouldn’t have deserved it but that’s football and this is the slightly annoying match engine, slightly annoyed that the ref ended it here. Also a shame they couldn’t perform in front of a big crowd.

Attendance: 356

League: FK Gradina Srebrenik 1 – 1 FK Troglav Livno

Again, end of season game. We took the lead after the 17th minute, similar to most goals the only difference being the ball was played across from Kreso and Ante Semren ran onto it and buried it. That gave him top goal scorer for the club and yes he beat Ivan Kreso to it, by one goal. Then just after half time there player, Jadranko Janjic was put through on goal and ran basically all half of the pitch and slotted it past the keeper. I’m disappointed one defence slip up cost us three points. Ah well a point will do, they were above us in the league.

League Table – 8th, it’s no surprise really and we deserved it, slow start and improved more to the end of the season but were a little in consistent. If you had given me 8th at the start of the season I would have taken it so I’ve got to be pleased.

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April - 2010


I never knew why but my players kept on getting suspended. I found it odd as I haven’t had a red card all season and we don’t pick up loads of yellow cards. Then I realized the rules for suspensions: One match ban after the first 2 yellow cards, one match ban for every additional yellow card. This kept Vrdoljak out this match and without having any other DM’s I decided to make my CM’s learn that position, so hopefully I shall have back up for next season.

What a brilliant rule! That would soon stop people cheating by committing fouls because the penalty was less than the save!

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What a brilliant rule! That would soon stop people cheating by committing fouls because the penalty was less than the save!

I agree its a cracking rule but I didn't realize it until near the end of the season. Should have checked the rule book! :p

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What a brilliant rule! That would soon stop people cheating by committing fouls because the penalty was less than the save!

It's a horrible rule I lost players to suspensions in key games with V-Varen. But of course, more than a few suspensions were needed to prevent us from winning the league. :p

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End of Season Report - 2009/2010

FK Troglav Livno

My Player of the Season - Marko Matic. He has defied all odds that he wasn't ready yet and not only that he had probably been our best player, at least our most consistent. He played all bar one of the games last season, most likely due to an injury he received near the start of the season to try and keep everyone happy and too see who our best players were. For a team that finished 8th, an average rating of 7.04 is pretty high and he took to my new tactics half way through the season when I told him not to go forward at all, which he didn't and that clearly helped his game. (I do apologise that the screen shot is into the new season, I forgot to get one before all the stats were put back to 0).

Fans Player of the Year - Ante Bartolovic. He wasn't too bad for us. Surprised he won the fans though, you would have thought it might have been one of the wingers seen as they scored the goals. But this just proves for me how good our defence was. And maybe how bad our strikers were. In total Bartolovic played 26 of the 30 games, which has actually surprised me. I thought my CB's were the most rotated because they all got injured. Ah well.


Highest attendance - 356 vs. FK Buducnost Banovici (not brilliant)

Lowest attendance - 161 vs. GOSK Gabela (oh dear)

Average attendance - 236

Biggest Win - 3-0 vs. NK Bratstvo Gracanica (October)

Biggest Defeat - 3-0 vs. NK Bosna Visoko (September)

Highest Scoring Game - 5-3 (lost) vs. FK Buducnost Banovici (November)

Most Games Won In a Row - 2 (October - November)

Most Games Lost in a Row - 2 (December)

Most Games Without Losing - 8 (September - November)

Most Games Without Winning - 5 (November - December)

Most Games Without Conceding - 5 (February - April)

Most Games Without Scoring - 3 (September – October)

Top Goalscorer - Ante Semren, 8.

Most Assists - Berislav Vrdoljak, 5.

Most Man of the Match - Marko Matic, 4.

Fastest Goal - Ivan Kreso, 1min 35sec vs. Stanic Kresevo.

Best 11.

End of season Table.


African Cup of Nations - Notables: Gabon (Final)

Club World Championship


UEFA Champions League

Europa League

Super Cup - Notables: Shaktar (Won 3-0)


Barclaycards Premierleague - Notables:Stoke (5th), Liverpool (9th), 17th-19th joint on 33 points.

npower Championship - Notables:Sheff Utd (2nd), Q.P.R. (21st)

npower League 1

npower League 2

The F.A. Cup - Notables:Litterally all of it.

Carling Cup - Notables:Litterally all of it.

Johnstons Paint Trophy

Community Shield


Ligue 1 - Notables: Marseillie (17th), Stade Rennais (18th), Paris Saint-Germain (16th), Monaco (15th).


First Division


Eredivisie - Notables: PSV (6th)


Serie A - Notables: Genoa (2nd), Parma (20th).


Liga Sagres


Clydesdale Bank Premier League



Overall Comment - It wasn't a bad season. Finished mid table and didn't really hit any form at any time. So pretty average season. Looking forward to next season, hoping we can come around 5th, improve the squad and get a good start to the season. On the job front, I will more than likely be leaving end of this coming season. Nothing more to do than stay for a few more years and attempt promotion which will be a bit difficult so I will look for silverware elsewere. Already got rid of two strikers and hoping to add more height to my team. And if any of yous want a screen shot of anything, I shall see if I can get it and post it on :)

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Nice end of season update.

One thing I would ask though is that you take the screenshots of your star players before the start of the new season so we see their full stats, rather than the blank stats after they reset.

Yeah I were gonna do that and pick out like 5 best players, but because I forgot to get screenies I left it for this year. Next post will be about World Cup then one after that should be a big season pre view. I'm also changing my layout a bit. It will have similarities to last seasons but more of my own input.

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Solid first season, Swifty. :thup:

I can understand the "next season will be my last here" sentiment - had it a few times in my career as well. :) But who knows, maybe things will click together next year and you'll make an unexpected challenge at the top, and get motivated to stay a bit longer. Had that happen in my career as well, heheh.

Good luck next season.

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Just a quick question, I have a problem.

For some reason my mouse is selecting above where it is positioned. Like when you click on 'World' and go on World Cup you would have to hover over international. It happens more further down the screen and I can't figure out how to change it, any ideas?


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Just a quick question, I have a problem.

For some reason my mouse is selecting above where it is positioned. Like when you click on 'World' and go on World Cup you would have to hover over international. It happens more further down the screen and I can't figure out how to change it, any ideas?


Does the problem still exist when you exit the game and re-enter it?

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Are you on the default display mode resolution? I occasionally have this problem, but it fixes itself when I restart the game...how did you get this problem in the first place?

Well its surprising because I tried restarting the game and it seems to have fixed, but I have a niggling feeling it grows as I play the game and gets re-set when I re-start the game. I have it windowed mate, so I can write stuff on here but personally I prefer it on full screen.

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Pre-Season 2010/2011

Well, we all knew it was coming. Troglav chairman offered me a new contract as we entered July and I rejected. There was no hesitation; I don't want to commit to a new contract here after I have already said I'm leaving. And if I do stay it will be a last minute decision but that is unlikely as my heart is set on somewhere else.

I kept my pitch the same size as last year, minimum possible. It seemed alright last year so I might as well keep it again this year. 114m Long and 74m wide.

I changed my first team from Ivan Pavic to my keeper Ismar Pojskic. This is because near the end of the season Pavic played less and less games and with Pojskic being high on the list and playing every game, unless injured/suspended he seemed the perfect fit. Berislav Vrdoljak stays vice-captain.

Coming into August I get two bits of good news! First one is I’ve sold more season tickets this season, okay it’s only one more but still it is an increase and the second bit of news, Ante Semren has declared himself happy at the club! Beaut.


Sinisa Gacic: My first signing came on 1st July, I needed a new scout as my current one didn't want to stay on at the club, so we brought this fella in, looks pretty good though! I did send a job advert out for a scout but I struggled to find any good ones. So as I usually do I searched for one with the perfect criteria and it worked!

Nihad Buljugic / Report: First on field signing comes in the shape of a versatile defensive player. He can play down the centre and seems brilliant back-up for Vrdoljak if he can't make any games! Also adds height to my team, which is one thing my new signings have to be, over 6ft 2 is the minimum height for anybody joining us!

Dino Sejmenovic / Report:Taken this kid on trial for 4 weeks. Hoping he impresses me and lives up to the expectations of his report. He will be up against my other striker on trial but more than likely I will sign both of them. I need 3 strikers and one of them is already out for half of the season.

  • I made this player a permanent signing. Very pleased with his report and his stats are alright. Got him on a full time contract of just £80 p/w fought off one or two clubs with his signature so I can say that I am very happy with bringing him in.

Srdjan Latinovic / Report: Same as the other lad got him on trial for 4 weeks. If I sign this one he will be the second Serbian in our team. I missed out on one striker on loan, he looked really good but he wasn't interested in coming, I'm gutted to have missed out on him but ah well.

  • I brought Srdjan in as well. The other Srdjan wasn’t offered a contract but was snapped up by someone else. So I have my two strikers I wanted so I’m pleased with that. Srdjan signs a part time contract on £50 p/w. I feel I’ve been a little bit ripped off so I hope he produces the goods!

Srdjan Lubura: He also joins on a 4 week trial, adding a little bit of competition for the spots. I'm only looking to sign 2 of them but if you could offer them a 6month contract then I would consider it, but I'm sure you can't. Also Lubura is the oldest at 32 so he is already behind the other two in the pecking order.

  • Check the date. Like I said, I never ended up signing this kid. So he isn't on my books.

Ante Semren / Report: Now I'm classing this new contract as a signing! Signed a new 2 year contract, got him on a full time deal and he is on a deserved salary of just £110 p/w which isn't bad to say I've got around £00 p/w left in my budget. Best bit is that clubs were after him so should halt it or make him valuable.


Friendly: NK Troglav Livno 0 - 0 Dukla Banska Bystrica

Unfortunately Pere Ivkovic picked up a broken foot and is out for 5-6month. Not to mention he is my only striker.

Friendly: FK Lokomotiva Mostar 0 - 5 NK Troglav Livno

Friendly: FK Jedinstov Crkvina 1 - 2 NK Troglav Livno

Friendly: FK Drina Zvornik 0 - 0 FK Troglav Livno

Unfortunately Ivan Pavic has picked up a two month injury in this game.

Friendly: FK Sloboda Novi Grad 1 - 3 FK Troglav Livno

I'm pleased with these results. I didn't watch the games, was too busy on msn. But I was there and made changes and kept changing the team around to try and get all players on good fitness. My defensive record was good as well, which is always nice to see. And it seems my strikers, well midfielders got on the score sheet often which was a lovely sight. Just hope we can continue this pre-season form into the new season.

The week before enter the new season I get a news item telling me Goran Djordjevic has done his hip in training. First thing I saw was out for 9 to 10 month, I was like, crap. Fortunately that’s if I gave him an injection, physio kept him out for around 6month but specialist is around 3-4month. So my first worry was gone but still, out for 4 month is a long time. That’s two big injuries and we haven’t played a single competitive game.

Squad - Main Players:

Ismar Pojskic - My number one keeper. He had to get back into the squad last season after injury during pre season but once Gelo shipped a couple of goals he was in and never left. I've made him my captain this year for reasons stated in the first few paragraphs. Last year we were brilliant in defence so I hope to re-create that form and grab more goals to push us up the table! Ismar didn't make one mistake all season last season so I am expecting more of the same. I just need to remeber to not let him take my free-kicks as he is one of my best free-kick takers in the squad!

Marko Matic - He had a brilliant first season so I want more of the same. He completely defied all odds and became one of, if not our best player all season. Playing all but one of the games. At only 19 years old he was the only Serb in our team until I brought in Latinovic. I hope that he picks up where he last left off and that he doesn't get forward! That’s one thing he can't do. My squad has some young'uns init but for me, Matic is by far the best, whether or not his stats and reports say so. He was one of those that did a lot better than expected!

Berislav Vrdoljak - Another player that had a cracking season and a better than expected year. He didn't make it into the squad at first but slowly made sure no-one was moving him from his DM position. That is where he will be all the season and I hope he can play every game, if not I have managed to bring in a back-up as Vrdoljak seemed to get suspended a lot, not surprised with the rule. It’s just a shame he is getting on a bit, 32 years old. If only he were a few years younger he would probably follow me around! Hopefully he will take up a coaching role after he retires!

Ante Semren - A half of the dynamite winger partnership. With Semren being joint top or top goalscorer of my team last season, I'm sure he was top; he is one of the best players at the club. Well duh, this is an overview of my best players. I do like this kid. He's young(ish) and has some good stats. It’s just a shame his goals came near the end of the season, maybe if he scored more in the first half of the season we would be higher and maybe he would be at a different club, so there is a silver lining to every cloud! I am very pleased that he stated he is happy at the club and has even gone and signed a new contract. I was worried an offer was going to come in that my chairman would accept. Fortunately all the rumours stayed as rumours.

Ivan Kreso - The other half of the amazing partnership. He didn't score as many goals but still contributed a lot to the team. He is only 21 years old so has a bright future ahead of him although I am going to give his challenger more of a chance this season, Miskovic, because he didn't seem to bad when he played and I've got him on a full time contract on quite a high wage. I really do regret the decisions I made on new contracts last season. I'll be going away from this club with a lot learnt. Anyway back to Kreso. His stats aren't all brilliant but he still seems to play well and get good performances in our shirt.

Expectations with NK Troglav Livno:

My board want a respectable league table finish and the media predict 10th. Personally I really want to attack top 5 and try and leave on a real high. Anything from 7th downwards I will be disappointed with but then again, that’s football for ya. I haven't got any cups again, I'm guessing it’s because they weren't put on when they made these new leagues. It is a shame but then again it makes for an easier start to my career.

Just to let you know, I'm re-doing my layout. It will be similar but have my own little ideas in it. Feel free to use it for yours, but the whole spine of it has come from mackemovers Stoke City career. Which you should read, it’s really good! A lot better than this one, so bugger off and go and read his, although he is pausing that for a bit whilst he does a journeyman career but still I'm sure it'll be a good un!

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