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My crazy season

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Managing Oxford in the 2019/20 season i reached the finals of the Carling Cup, FA Cup and Champions League......and LOST all three!




I did have some joy though, winning the 2020 European Championship with Italy


Anyone else suffered a hat trick of club final loses in a single season?

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Back in FM 06 i lost all competitions to my friend.

He was Barcelona and I was Valencia, lost the league in the last day after leading it from first round, lost CL final and the cup. All to him:( Injury crisis in the end of the season, had 12 players out and 9 of those in my regulare team... lost 5 of the 8 last in the league...

Not my worst injury crisis yet tho. at the same FM game I had 22 players out when playing Leverkusen, and before that leading the league, obviously didnt win it...

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That's either very bad luck or...

do you use a different tactic in finals or something?

Can't say that it has happen to me. I rarely loose a final. If loose in a competition it's in a earlier stage usually.

Bad luck i think. 2 of them were on penalties and the FA Cup against Man U was very unlucky as i dominated and created many more chances than them.

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