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changing kits for season 10-11 with editor

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Hello just a little question here, the thing i want to know is am i wasting my time changing all the kits for season 10-11 on my editor so all colour match on matchday , for example say someone had a white away top for season 09-10 but then got a black for 10-11 so ill change there away kit to black also ill change the text to black text to match or will the file im saving with all kit changes not be compatible with FM2011

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your not wasting time if you think it will make your game look better and have a more realistic feel to it. tbh ive just updated my transfers in editor because its a lot of hassle changing all the colours.

A quicker solution is to download new kit packs of websites such as "www.fm-base.co.uk". Once you apply them you have many 2010/11 kits, only problem is, colours wont change on matchday unless something has been done within the config to do so... although i dont know if thats possible.

To conclude,

Keep going if your game enjoyment is going to be better,

or download a kit pack if you want a quick solution, although it has its draw backs

Hope that helps,


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