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solution to Mile's console problem

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I liked your interview with Eurogamer, I really excited for this years Fm game.

Your answer to Eurogamer:

"We still haven't found a decent control system for a joypad. We have people who are constantly looking at it. We will carry on looking at it. If we do have that breakthrough of working out how to do it then that's when it will happen."

You may have already thought of this but, Kinect and Move would provide a better control system than any joy pad could do.

Give it a think, a console version will provide the best visual experience, and help all of us whos laptops and becomming to old to play the game.

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Not sure if this is still the case but you need to be stood up to use Kinect. Not my idea of the best way to play FM.

Microsoft says you don't (if the game is developed for sitting). However, I still don't think it's a very good solution. None of them are accurate and comfortable enough to use for this kind of game IMO.

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