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Goalie's First Touch

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Here is my Regen Goalie - Robson.

He has been 1st Choice since 16yo. The training is set up to extreme on Ball control and Goal keeping and i recently upgraded coach.

But why doesn't his First Touch improve?

Is it that he has been assigned the attribute and thats it, no hope of imrovement? or

Am I doing something wrong - playing too much? Training too Hard?

I would imagine that even any hack, like me, if you trained hard enough would improve, even from just 1 to 2 since its not a physical attribute, its not Pace.


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its all OK, he has high stats for reflexes and one-on-ones so he can dive at the strikers' feet and save himself! I think that because he is a goalie he will be in the game longer, so his stats will take a bit longer to improve. I think at about 25 you may even be able to get him up to 4 for first touch!!

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Unusual for a brazilian to have such a terrible first touch

........Ahhh, nevermind.

But yeah, I don't think I've seen any improvement on my GKs first touch (could be possible that I missed it), but perhaps it has something to do with goalkeepers' growth being modeled a certain way? As in no matter how hard you steer his training towards the technical side, his first touch, and perhaps free kicks, are still not going to grow a lot?

Or since when did you change his training? In my experience it takes a while for certain attributes to change after I've messed with the training schedules.

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