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David Beckham really is thick! Read this contract negotiation I just had with him

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Well it's season 3 with the summer transfer market in it's final day my Blackpool side have realised that we need to sign a top Playmaker who can play in a Deep role if we're going to have any chance of breaking in to the top 4 this season. Well after frantically searching around we came across Beckham! Well what a signing it could be if we could lure Mr Megastar himself to sunny Blackpool and help us in our quest. Well we put a bid in for the 36 year old for 95k which LA Galaxy immediately accept (Beckham is out of contract in 4 months and on £75k), excellent looks like we have a real chance to sign him!

So we ask Beckham what contract would he be requiring and he tells us the following:

Duration: 1 year

Salary: £46.5k p/w

App Fee: £23.5k p/w

Sign On Fee: £140k

so with 40 weeks left until his proposed contract would expire that would cost us a total of £2.34m based on him making 40 appearances which is hardly guaranteed as only 35 games left plus any league and fa cup games.

so possibly a total of £2.34m

Well we cannot offer you that David me old son because we have a strict wage structure here (chairman wont allow to offer more than £42.5k + £8.5k app) but we can offer you this instead David....

Duration: 1 year

Salary: £42.5k p/w

App Fee: £8.5k p/w

Sign On Fee: £1.5m

so possibly a total of £3.54m

Guaranteed total if didnt play a single match: £3.2m

and so what did Mr Beckham say? He wants a better basic salary and suitably rewarded for when he plays. :rolleyes:

How ridiculous is that!

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Well that would be because FM isn't the real world and SI haven't programmed contract negotiations to work that way.

Yes obviously this is the case but it is deeply flawed although I am sure that on another save I couldn't offer a player the wages he wanted so I made up for it by calculating the difference and adding that to his signing on fee and he accepted.

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It's things like this that completely ruin the game imo, making you realise it aint that sophisticated and is a bit pointless to pretend it is. Please please s.i fix things like this before the new game comes out.

Exactly! I mean it surely shouldn't be that difficult to factor in the signing on fee as a major factor when negotiating contracts. Just recently Joe Cole was given a hefty signing on fee so his weekly wages could stay on par with the top players at Liverpool as he was offered £80k p/w at Chelsea which he refused.

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This is what usually happens to me:-

I find a good player at a good club, enter negotiations. Player says he has no interest in signing for me.

I up the wages to what I can afford, and smack on a huge signing on fee.

Two mins later. Player X accepts.

You didn't want to sign for me 5 mins ago you idiot!

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well, technically if you do a future cash flow calculations as what his earnings will be after the contract, then current money always counts less (in this case his signing on fee) but thats for a long term duration (4-5 years) and given that the wage difference is 4k/wk, which is roughly 216k/yr.

Gah!! I'm thinking too much finance and less of FM... SI didnt even factor things that way, they kept it simple...

These mba finance programs are crazy... :( (does the obelisk tap on the head..)

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