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Need help with Plymouth in Premiership!

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I need a tactic that works well with Plymouth Argyle in the Premiership.

I got promoted in the first season using the Mr Hough tactic and going up via the play-off. The start of the new season went quite well, lost the first two, few draws and then things started to pick up with a few wins and after 12 games found myself in 11th place. The squad is quite young, a mixture of non-premiership experience and youngsters released from Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool along with a few signings.

My best eleven are:

1. Fraser Forster

2. David Gray

3. Gary Sawyer

4. Dorian Devite

5. Sol Campbell

6. Kari Arnason

7. Glenn Whelen

8. Mark Randall

9. Nathan Tyson

10. Nwankwo Kanu

11. Bradley Wright-Phillips

The rest of the first team squad are: Tom Heaton, James Chester, Corry Evans, Damien Johnson, Joann Folly, Carl Fletcher, Jay Spearing, Ashley Barnes, Febian Brandy.

The problem is, I am on a loosing run, and no matter what I try, who I change team wise, tactic wise etc - I keep getting beaten, and beaten without a fight from my team. :( So I am asking you, the good people of FM to help.... Thanks.

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11th place after 12 games with that squad is not too bad. I would be more than happy to be in the position you are in. If this run of defeats continues, try a more defensive strategy, retain possession and play narrow for shouts. Your fine early form has made the AI take notice of you, and are treating you as a mid table team rather than relegation strugglers, so the teams will play a more conservative game against you. I suggest trying to use a counter attacking style of play, you have some pace up front and use Kanu as a link man.

I won't guarantee anything as this is just a punt at some advice, but that's what I would do in your situation. Hope that helps

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