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The Golden Oldies Challenge

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This is basically an anti-youth challenge, which could be a flop or a success tbh.

Apologies if this challenge has been made before, please could someone point it out if it has :thup:


1. You cannot play or buy any players under the age of 28, EXCEPT in the first season, where you can play players aged 26 and older (to help settling into the challenge)

2. You can, however, loan out players younger than 28 for development purposes, or put them in the reserves

3. Moving clubs is permitted, but there is a 50 point penalty

4. Contracts can be offered to any player

5. Players younger than 28 can be registered in competitions, but not played

Points System:

Win Top Division in Country: 100

Win National Cup: 50

Win Regional or Other Cup: 25

Win Second Division in Country: 30

Win Third Division in Country: 15

Win Champions League (or equivalent outside Europe): 120

Win Europa League (or equivalent outside Europe: 70

Win CWC: 25

Win Charity Shield (or equivalent): 15

Win Super Cup (or equivalent): 15

Get relegated from Top Division in country: -20

Get relegated from Second Division in country: -10

Get relegated from Third Division in country: -5

Go into administration: -25

Move club: -50

If you're planning on competiting properly, don't use programs such as FMRTE or FMGenie, but feel free to post your progress unofficially.

Any questions can be posted or PM'ed

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