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Arranging International Friendlies - VERY Frustrating

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I'm managing the United States and am trying to arrange some friendlies for later in the year. But the system is really, really stupid.

Firstly, I select a date. Then I go to a list of every nation in the game and select one. If they're not available, it still adds the fixture so I have to click cancel friendly and then go back to the "arrange friendly" screen. I then have to keep repeating this process until I find a team that's available, which can take a very long time. So I have two questions.

1) Why do I asked " are you sure you want to create this friendly"?" and when I say yes get told "this team are unavailable for a friendly"? Why the flaming hell doesn't that second message come up first?! Stupid.

2) Forget the first question - why do I have to sift through every country in the world looking for available opposition? Did nobody think to make it so that only available teams appear? It seems like common sense to me.

I know I can just ask the assistant to arrange friendlies but I shouldn't have to. I want to decide who play against. I hope, for FM11, this is sorted. All that's needed is a simple list of teams who are available for a friendly.

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You'd think after four years and over 8,000 posts I'd have figured out that you're not meant to bring up things that have been raised many times before! But I was just so frustrated. You know that moment when you could happily throw your laptop out the window? Starting this thread was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.

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