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What makes a good coach/ass man

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If you were looking for a good ass man/coach/scout/physio, what qualities would be the most important?

I think Ass Man should have good motivation, and man management, is there anything else i should be looking for?

And yes I know before its pointed out that coaches will have different qualities/attributes for each coaching position (gk, tactics, ball control...etc) but what other than the obvious would be the basic attributes that a coach should have?

Scouts are mainly based on judging ability and potential - dont think there are any others?

And physios have motivation and physio or well i guess they do - any opinions from the FM faithful?

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The game uses DDM for all coaches...Determination, Discipline, Motivation. For assmen, I add Man Management, judging PA and CA, and Tactical. If I'm a lower club that requires the assman to actually coach as well, he needs to have high a high Coach Ability rating, as well, but once I'm big enough to get all the Abilities covered by coaches, the assman doesn't need to coach.

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