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Strips changing in-game?????

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hi guys, im playing ym friend online and after the 1st season my strip changed slightly. i am Tottenham and the yellow line in my kit wasny there in the 2nd season and replaced with a navy line. I also got a new kit sponsor at the end of the 1st season and was wondering was this anything to do with it?

my friend says he hasnt changed it in his editor either and its driving me mad not knowing how it changed.

so has anyone noticed this or know why this happened??

thanks in advacne.

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In the Default database under the kits and colours tab for Spurs you'll notice the white/yellow shirt is only set for 2009, they also all white kits set for European competitions. Whilst the 10.3 database has a home shirt, shorts and socks set for the first season but has removed the European kits.

For the reason no idea, I assume it was something that was set by the Spurs researcher.

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