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Editing trouble


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Been playing about with the FM10 editor tonight, doing some of the recent transfers etc, but when I save it and then go and start a game, all of the data is still old.

I loaded the database and when I was finished I overwrote the 'config' save. Playing it using the disc not steam (even though I have steam installed).

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You don't have to overwrite the config file. If you did, change the name of that config file to mydata.xml for example. Next time you load the game a new config file will be generated and your file (mydata.xml) is ready to be loaded into the game.

The data editor does not overwrite the database, it does only generate a file which will be loaded on startup and overwrite the data records your changed in that file. The original database will always be the same and untouched.

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Sorry, I need some more help.

I have saved all my changes as 'mydata.xml', with the 'config' file still there, yet when I start a game I still get the original bloody data.

Also, when I click to start new game, no box comes up about databases offering me a choice to change it either.

The 'select editor data files' option is greyed out on the start game screen, and I'm pretty much out of ideas.

Anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?

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Hope this helps:


Here is what you should do with the file:

All information below is copied from the FAQ. Good luck and have fun playing

Where Should I save files to?

Whether you have created the files yourself or downloaded them they need to be placed in the following locations for them to be loaded into the game.

PC – My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > editor data

MAC – Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > editor data

Don't overwrite the config.xml file! Instead, you should give your file an original name of your own choice.

Following the 10.2 patch, a new option was included in the editor to compress the editor data files, saving them as a smaller *.dbc file instead of the *.xml. These can be loaded by FM10 without any decompression.

How do I load my file into my game inside FM?

When clicking 'New Game' inside FM, you will get a dialog box appear called Choose Database. Notice in this box it will have section saying Editor Data Files and a 'Change' tick button. Clicking this button will allow you to select which of your files to load into your game.

Where can I find how to create a new nation rules or how to add leagues to existing leagues?

Videos of how to create these can be found at http://www.footballmanager.com/index.php?p=videos

For creating new nation rules view – New editor tutorial part 1

For adding new levels to existing leagues view - FM2010 data editor - how to add competitions to existing leagues

I have created an XML (or DBC) file, but it is not appearing in game

Firstly make sure you have saved the file to the editor data file. If this is correct, you should try the following.

If the file is definitely saved, you should delete your cache and then remove the config.xml file from the editor data folder.

How to delete your cache files

First of all you need to turn on hidden files and folders. Go to My Computer and at the top select 'Tools' then 'Folder Options'. Then go to the 'View' tab and select 'Show hidden files and folders'

Windows XP:

1. Open 'My Computer'

2. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\Application Data\

3. Go into the 'Sports Interactive' folder

4. Delete any 'Football Manager' folder

Windows Vista:

1. Click 'Start'

2. Click your username on the Start Menu

3. Click on 'AppData' and then 'Roaming'

4. Go into the 'Sports Interactive' folder

5. Delete any 'Football Manager' folder


1. Open Finder

2. Select <User>

3. Navigate to Library\Caches\Sports Interactive

4. Remove any “Football Manager” Folder

The editor data folder is located

PC – My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > editor data

MAC – Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > editor data

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