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defensive set up

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Hi all i have been trying to imrove my defense and stumbled across a set up on another site and wondered what people thought of it.

The set up is both centre backs are centre back roles and defend duties. one defend is man marker and the other is zonal marker. Both are set to tightly mark. Now the next bit i found intresting, for both centre halves the set up is as follows closing down, mentailty and creative freedon are set to 5.

Can anyone see that working? I have only tried the set up in pre season but carried on with my usual i won 5-2 away to watford (playing as West Ham) The problem i have is i can do a Keegan, score for fun but cant stop conceding. I Also use OI and im now starting to wonder if thats a good or bad thing. I mean how much does that effect my defensive shape?

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