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Getting the best out of Torres, Shelvey, Mascherano?!

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Hello everybody, I'm playing as Liverpool. I'm in my 3rd season, doing very well. Leading the league by 12points after 18 games, and doing well in other competitions.

Here is my team:

GK: Pepe Reina

RB: Glen johnson (Role: Full Back, Automatic)

LB: Joe Mattock (Role: Full Back, Automatic)

CB: Martin Skrtel: (Role: Central Defender, Defend)

CB: Ömer Toprak: (Role: Central Defender, Defend)

CM: Javier Mascherano: (Role: Ball Winning Midfielder, Defend)

CM: Jonjo Shelvey: (Role: Box to Box Midfielder or Deep Lying Playmaker, Support)

AMR: Mauro Zarate: (Role: Inside Forward, Attack)

AMC: Steven Gerrard: (Role: Attacking Playmaker, Attack)

AML: Mario Balotelli: (Role: Inside Forward, Attack)

ST: Fernando Torres: (Role: Complete Forward or Poacher or Target Man, Support or Attack)

I have players like Danny Wilson, Gourcuff(currently injured for 4 months), Kuyt, Tafer, Németh and Afellay on the bench right now.

As I said, the team was doing well so far, scoring a lot of goals, but Torres is not having enough chances. He only scored 9 from 24 matches. Others are scoring well for example: Balotelli(11/22), Zarate(11/26), Kuyt(11/22), Gerrard 10/28), Shelvey(6/27), Afellay(6/17)

I've tried Torres as a Complete Forward, Support but he always seems to go deep to get the ball even when run from deep set to rarely. As a Poacher he doesnt seem to get enough chances.I don't know what's wrong with him.

As for Shelvey he has a passing of 18 and creativity of 17, he is slow so, he should be a good Deep lying playmaker. But I use him a lot as a Box to Box midfielder, because he has workrate of 18, and finishing of 16 and he has great long shots too. I want him to have chances, because he can score goals.

As for Mascherano, he seems to get a lot of yellow and red cards. I've just recently realised, that the ball winning midfielder defend preset has a hard tackling, so this must be due to that. Do you think his discipline should improve if I use normal takcling instead of hard?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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For Mascherano he's very aggressive so clicking tackling from hard to normal is a good idea, he'll tackle much like a less aggressive player would on hard that way, which is probably what you want.

As for getting the most out of your players, try and rely on the advanced settings more. None of the presets really work all that well, without moderate to extensive tweaking.

For Shelvey, you may want to increase his attacking slider (which makes him play more forward on the pitch), and set runs from deep to often. Runs from deep doesn't affect how often he comes deep to get the ball, but rather how often he'll make a forward run from his default position to get into an attack. The idea is you set it to rare for players who are vital to your defense, sometimes for players who are useful defensively but not critical, and often for players whom aren't very important defensively.

The wing play in this game is very suspect so you might want to consider using 3 strikers instead, it creates all sorts of misery for the central defenders. Inside Forwards are much more likely to pull a DL/DR in with them, while 3 strikers in the middle often create all sorts of problems in the center when a DL/DR stays out wide.

My other advise would be to download a few tactics on here, watch a few entire games with those tactics (playing as your team), and find midfield settings that let the players you want to improve shine.

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Would you improve discipline putting Mascherano on normal tackling? Yes, but would I do that? No. I believe there is a relationship between attributes Tackling, Aggression and Decision that all good attributes a ball winning midfielder requires. Hard tackling asks the player to make more tackles, even the one that are risky. The player Decision decides what is too risky. I think Aggression and Tackling combine to how well the ball winning move is carried out. By combining all these elements makes Mascherano a formidable ball winning player. I accept the fact that Mascherano will pick up yellow cards during games but I either sub him or reduce the tackling to normal if I am winning (remember this is a risk, Mascherano is still on a yellow and is playing with reduced efficiency) or cross my fingers and trust the player make the right decisions.

Torres is a player that can make chances out of nothing and setting him to poacher is a waste as he will wait in the box for chances to be created for him. However, as a completed forward on support I find that he does not get into the box enough. Try using Advance Forward but it may need some manual adjusting.

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I'd go with Inside forwards on support. They would participate in build up more and that might see Torres getting the ball more, which could result in better goal return. Currently your IFs are bombing forward without ball at first opportunity, congesting space where Torres could operate.

I've had IFs with Run forward on rare and they would make Runs with ball and be even deadlier instead of waiting for the ball high up the pitch.

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