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My Canada-centric database


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Final edit: a host of Caribbean teams added to the North American league structure.

10.3 compatible.

I play with Toronto FC and wasn't really satisfied with the database that ended up with them playing in the US Open Cup, so after a few attempts and some testing I've come up with my own. The following database has these changes:

Canadian teams in MLS:

- Montreal and Vancouver have been added to MLS in place of San Jose and Kansas City, who have dropped down to USSF division 2. Their nationalities have been set to American - same as Toronto FC - or else they can't sign developmental players after a year or two, effectively limiting the roster size to 20. The only noticeable problem is that CONCACAF Champions League group seeding is messed up. The 3 teams start well below the wage cap, but get better as time goes on, signing a lot of Canadian players. Vancouver move into their new stadium in 2012. CSL, PCSL and the CSL Reserve Division are enabled as playable leagues, with appropriate playoffs as far as I know.

Canadian Open Cup:

- revived tournament encompasses 70-odd teams, from amateur Canadian sides to all Canadian PDL, PCSL, and CSL teams. Canadian MLS teams come in the round of 16, Canadian USL teams come in the previous round, etc. The final is two-legged because setting the final to "neutral" or "national" stadium ends up with the final being played in the US if the "home" team is one of the "American" teams (Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver). Setting it to a "home stadium" final could end up being played in a park somewhere (I once played "Portugal FC B", the CSL reserve team, in the final).

Canadian Super Cup:

- A new competition just before the MLS season begins pitting the Canadian Open Cup winner against the Voyageurs Cup (Canadian Championship) winner. If they are the same team, the Voyageurs Cup runner-up plays the winner. This required changing the Voyageurs Cup to a "Canadian" competition - it still seems to send the winner to the Champions League. If you start in 2009, the last winner of the old Open Cup (Trois-Rivieres) plays the winner of the 2008 Voyageurs Cup (Montreal) in the inaugural Canadian Super Cup, coincidentally their parent club.

Amateur Cups:

- Most provinces now have an amateur cup, with several Super Cups between winners the following year - Ontario and BC's amateur champions play off, Quebec and New Brunswick, etc. At the very least this gives regens a few more competitive matches per year.

American changes:

The USSF D2 Pro League is split into the USL and NASL, with 10 teams each and an 8-team playoff to determine a champion of both conferences. It includes new additions like Philadelphia and Antigua. With talk of more Caribbean clubs coming in the USL, the USL Second Division has taken on 1 club each from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Bahamas. Further, a Halifax club and the French colony Saint Pierre & Miquelon just south of Newfoundland has been added to PDL Northeast division, and actually play in France's Coupe de France 7th round like other French overseas clubs (in Guadeloupe etc). This was done by changing one of the Mayotte (African colony) teams to the Saint Pierre club. It would be a good idea to enable all Canadian, US, Bermudan, Puerto Rican, Antiguan, Dominican Republic, Bahamian and Saint Pierre players for this database.



Extract to my documents/sports interactive/football manager 2010/editor data.

Bonus files:

- a modified Australian db that replaced one of the teams with the new Melbourne team, coached by Dutch-Canadian Johnny van't Schip.

- a file that changes the unused "Ireland: pre-1922" nationality to Catalan, which has no national team but has been added as a second nationality to most important players and coaches from Catalonia. Like the Basque second nationality, but (as far as I know) no regens will ever adopt this nationality.

For more fun, apply for the Canada U-20 job and try to qualify for the 2011 Youth World Cup along with your club duties!

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I added a Saint Pierre team to the PDL Northeast Division for fun. Like Bermuda, they play in the American 4th tier. However, I managed to get them playing the in 7th round of the French Cup (need to enable France), just like other club sides in French overseas collectivities. They don't play in any other cups.

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