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Massive Noob Question

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Hey, I'm new to the FM series having previously played CM up until 2008 but I took a whim on FM2010 and I love it, although I'm not very good at it :thdn:

Just one question to help me on my way, and I apologise if this is a stupidly obvious/noobish question, but how do you find regens? Particulalry, good ones. I struggle in the whole transfer aspect of the game especially when it comes to finding youth prosepcts.

If anyone could help me in-depth or point me in the way of a thread where this has already been addressed (if there is such a thread I apologise) then I would be very grateful.

Also I look forward to (hopefully) becoming a part of the Football Manager community over here.

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As Nottingham Forest said above send scouts out to different countries.

I always use my scouts and send them out to regions that I have loaded leagues from and/or well reknowned regions such as South America and Europe.

EDIT: I was so long typing this there has been another two posts made in the mean time. :D

Anyway I just send my scouts out in general and don't apply any filters. Another thing I do as well though is to have scouts scouting the u18's league in the major countries.

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