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how in the hell?????

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had a look at that seasons fixture list and found this....

1st round beat wycombe @ home 3-0

2nd round beat torquat away 2-1

3rd round beat plymouth @ home 2-1

4th round beat carlisle away 3-1

5th round beat brighton away 2-0

6th round beat wolves away 2-0

sf beat derby 1-0

final beat arsenal on penalties after 2-2 draw

safe to say i can now see why they won, the only difficult games for them would be derby, wolves and arsenal, derby and wolves are beatable for a team in h'fields position and as for arsenal...well it does happen and technically they didnt actually beat them in normal play

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Hmm, Huddersfield and the cup. Big upset, but seeing the fixture-list is seems possible (unlikely, but possible).

I'm in my fourth season in FM11 and saw a club called Bergerac win the French cup. Now there's a surprise..

Didnt look into it (no idea at what level they play and such, manage in england myself), but I've never heard of them before (and I managed some Fench "National" teams in the past, so I know most clubs at the first 3 levels). Ah, a google search tells me they currently play in the CFA2 (is that 4th or 5th tier?).

Maybe I should check it out, see who they'd beaten to get there.

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And what's wrong with Huddersfield winning the FA Cup? We have won it before you know?

And have you not just watched us on Sky? All Lee Clarke needs to do now is learn how to defend... Neil Mellor should not be able to get behind our back line, no offence to him, but he is crap yet we made him look awesome today; if we'd had any other keeper than Smithies we'd have lost that game!

What I do find interesting about that screenie is the fact that the three teams that were promoted from League 1 actually WERE promoted last season!

edit: AND the JPT winners last season WERE Saints!

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