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No Conceeding Tactic...

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i ve searched the forum and i didnt find anything like this...

it is good that some people made SUCCESFULL tactics but they are all attacking...

i think that beating the match engine means you build a tactic that DOESNT conceed...scoring is also great but succesfull defending in depth of games (with a team with media prediction 15th for example) is the greatest ! :)

in small words, i love tactics of 0-0, 1-0 !!! :)

is there anything like that???

thank u and sorry for my English ;)

PS...there is a tactic of this psylosophy ( http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/124261-The-Special-One-Formation-Jose-Mourinho-Has-Nothing-On-Me-38-Played-29-Won-9-Drawn/page3?highlight=ultra+defensive ) but it is for FM 2009...

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The tactic is only half the story. The players makes the other half.

There is no way in the long run you dont concede any. Your players are bound to get complacent at some point.

Tactics are preety much the same. It's the 11 players on the pitch that makes it work or fail.

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thank U both !

i didnt mean not to conceed at all...i mean a tactic that its primary focus is to strugle the other team to score...

the greatest example is Swansea City in 09-10 managed by Paulo Sousa...with mediocre players they had the second best defence in the league...

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Swansea paid a terrible price for being so tight at the back though the worst goals scored in the league and i do believe some of the least entertaing football i have seen at the liberty (possibly even at the vetch field aswell).

Although i would disagree about the mediocre players part lol

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I find having a tight defense is easier than having an effective attack. A tight defense just doesn't get you anywhere, other than goalless draws.

In my last season with ADO Den Haag I conceded roughly one goal in every three games.

In the Champions Cup I won the group stage without conceding at all (after being predicted to come third), and recorded four 1-0 wins against the two bigger teams, and two 3-0 wins against the fourth team. I ended up getting to the final, while conceding two goals in the semi-final, and two in the final.

I'm less successful in the dutch league (although I do win it), since almost no-one does anything but counter-attack against me. It gets harder to score, so I play more offensively, and then I concede more.

Looking forward to the new CC season: I've started well with a 1-0 away win against Man U. :)

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If I may ask, how do you set up your defence? Probably you change on a game basis, but can you give me a hint? I can't stop conceding stupid goals.


First of all: I've never managed to have a good defense with poor players. I guess my tactics don't provide my players with much cover: if they make a mistake, I concede a goal. At higher level these mistakes are very rare, so I can afford to play like that. At low levels (lower than top division), I never do well.

The only thing I have real problems with are strikers with very high anticipation. There's one in the dutch league who has scored eight goals against me in three seasons. According to his stats, he's a pretty bad striker; but he often scores against me since he runs away from his marker at exactly the right moment. The rest of the goals I concede, besides from set pieces, are from individual mistakes.

My defense is really nothing special: bog-standard defending goalkeeper, automatic full-backs (which means support 90% of the time) and defending centerbacks. The centerbacks don't excel at anything, really, besides size and strength. I push up the back line a bit, and I don't use offside trap. I'll use the 'drop deeper' shout if I notice that the striker(s) are getting away from my defenders. If I need to score, I'll often use the 'push higher' shout. Getting cover from the midfielders is very important, so you'll want to use defending/supporting or supporting/supporting players. I'm thinking about experimenting with one DMC and one MC, to close the gap between the defense and midfield a bit more; but I don't currently have a DMC.

Other than that, I use a narrow and slow tactic, always with the control strategy. I have three versions to use:

Against lesser teams (clear favourites):

Very fluid

Increase the width to 'normal'

More roaming

--I'm not very happy with this one, because I don't score enough. On the plus side, I hardly conceed at all.

Against equal teams:


Zonal Marking

Width and tempo +/- 4th click from the left

Against better teams (almost exclusively for European games)


Zonal marking

Width and tempo one click from the left

I nearly always get more 60% possession, regardless of the opposition.

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