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Fm11 date for release

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doesnt make a whole lot of sense there pal.

If your asking when it is out for realease, there is not date yet and will be announced on here, an 'unknown SI source' has apparently said around xmas but that could be rubbish.

Well miles said before xmas in one of the anouncements I am sure so that could mean anytime between tommorrow (please god :rolleyes:) or the 24 of december :thdn:.

But from experience I would suggest that it will probably be released somewhere between late october and early november. Hope that helps

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No one knows. I don't think SI even know right now........... The search function or even looking over the 1st few pages would have told you this.

Is someone keeping a total of these threads?

We should start taking bets on how many are created before the demo, then after the demo!

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