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Can't find my cache folder?

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Game has been slowing down the last few weeks and normally when this happens I delete the cache folder to free up some memory.

The directories are

Windows XP:

C:\Users\<User Name\App Data\

Vista and 7:

C:\Users\<User Name>\App Data\Roaming

I've checked my WinXp folder and the Sports Interactive is there, however there is no cache folder just some txt and some REP files? I deleted them hoping they would do the trick. When the cache folder is deleted and you load up FM you are taken back to the original settings, so full window mode, white skin, one month save etc etc.

This time when I load up FM none of the settings have changed so I know I did not delete the cache folder. So where is the cache folder located?

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Yeah I found it now. I looked in C:\Users\<User Name\App Data\ but what I should have looked at was C:\Users\DELTAROAD\App Data\....

BTW I hope on FM11 when you delete the cache to free up memory it doesn't delete your manager stats, achievements and hall of frame.

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